If there’s one game that PlayStation 4 owners are looking forward to, it’s definitely God of War. The title of Santa Monica Studio has been announced for a long time for the beginning of 2018, but no precise release date has yet been communicated by the leaders of PlayStation.

However, things are likely to change in the days to come if we are to believe the declarations of Chris Ashimine, localization producer in Asia and Japan for PlayStation Group. The one who is currently in charge of the Japanese localization of the game spoke with the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu and took the opportunity to give us some more or less interesting information.

He promised that the Japanese localization would live up to the expectations of the fans and that in addition, the team was set to reveal the exact release date of the game in the coming days. All that remains is to watch the news on the web in the following days so as not to miss the information everyone is waiting for at the start of the year.

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