Google Maps is updated with 3 interesting news


Google Maps is updated with 3 interesting news

Google Maps is updated with a series of improvements that will allow you to enjoy your summer trips to the fullest.

The Google Maps app on an Android mobile

When summer comes around, Google usually update your maps and navigation app, Google Mapswith a series of improvements that are aimed at helping us organize our summer trips And this year it has been brought forward, since in 2022 it did not present the Maps news until July.

Thus, the Mountain View company has just announced through the official Google blog in Spain the arrival of three new functions to Google Maps really interestingwhich we will detail below.

The Immersive View reaches more cities and monuments, “visible directions” debut and the desktop app is updated with the “Recent” function

A few months ago, the Immersive View began to arrive on Google Maps, a revolutionary function developed with AI that allows you to fly over cities and buildings thanks to a new interface that is a mix between the satellite view and the “Street View”.

Well, now Google has just confirmed that the Immersive View will begin to be available in four new cities: Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice and that will allow you to virtually visit more than 500 emblematic monuments from around the world, including some of our country such as the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, the Plaza de España in Madrid, the Prado National Museum, the Sagrada Familia or the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

This is how the Prado Museum will look with the new Google Maps Immersive View

In this way, thanks to the Immersive View you will be able to plan a visit to Madrid or Barcelona in advance, since, in addition, this view has a function called “Time and time” thanks to which you can check the weather and the number of people at different times of the day in the most emblematic areas and buildings of the city.

But that’s not all, because to complement the Immersive View, Google has added to Maps the so-called “visible directions”, a feature that allows you to follow a route that you have marked in the app from the lock screen of your smartphone or from the overview of the same.

To activate this option you just have to select the place you want to visit and press the button Addresses that appears in the top bar of the Google Maps popup window.

The American giant has begun to deploy these “visible directions” for walking, biking, and driving routes both in the Android app and in the iOS app.

Finally, Google has also improved the Google Maps desktop application with “Recents”, a function that will allow you to better plan the places you want to visit in a city, since it will take care of automatically organize them in a handy list along the side of the screen.

Thanks to this new functionality, Google Maps will save the places that you mark as featured, in such a way that if you select three or more destinations and click on the “Indications” button, the app will create a personalized route for you with all the stops and save it in “Recent”.

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