Title officially unveiled recently and flagship of VR technology, Gran Turismo Sport is making headlines again this evening. Sony seems to want to save space for its press conference organized during E3 on the night of Monday to next Tuesday and from time to time gives us E3 videos of some of its titles.

Today, it is therefore the new title of Polyphony Digital which is highlighted before our eyes through a whole new gameplay trailer which reminds us that this opus is dedicated above all to Esport. The video reminds us that the game will partner with the International Automobile Federation to allow us to take part in numerous competitions to designate the best driver in the world.

Players will compete for their home country or favorite manufacturers across multiple racing classes, including “GT3,” “Prototype,” “Rally,” and more. If this video convinces you of the game’s potential, we give you See you on November 16, when the game will be available in stores.

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