Game Arts has announced that the classic SEGA Saturn and the original PlayStation RPG Great comes to PS4 and PS5 on November 21. The next PlayStation release will be part of the November 2023 PlayStation Plus games catalog, to which Premium members will have instant access.

The original Great the game was re-released in the Grandia HD Collectionreleased on August 16, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. Grandia HD Remastered also released on Steam a few months later on October 15, 2019. Fans will soon be able to experience the classic title on PS4 and PS5.

Great on PS4 and PS5

The PS4 and PS5 release on Great is not the same as Grandia HD Remastered Or Grandia HD Collection. This will be an emulated version of the game including PS1 emulation features developed by Sony for its consoles. These features include quick save, custom filters, and rewind. Additionally, no pricing for the standalone digital version has been provided. Fans may wish Great on the PlayStation Store, which lists a release at 11:00 a.m. EST on November 21.

Here is an overview of Greatvia PlayStation Store:

Play as Justin, a young boy obsessed with becoming a great adventurer, who inherits a magical stone that leads him on an epic journey to uncover the mystery of a long-lost civilization in this classic RPG.
Meet an exciting group of characters who join you along the way and unravel the mysteries of this ancient legend.

Grandia is an unforgettable journey with over 80 hours of gameplay, featuring a revolutionary strategic combat system featuring over 200 weapons and collectibles and over 80 spells and magical techniques to master.

One of the most critically acclaimed games of its time, Grandia helped shape the RPG genre as we know it today.

Download this RPG and experience the epic adventure today!


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