[GUIDE] : How to play Duo mode on Apex Legends

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[GUIDE] : How to play Duo mode on Apex Legends

Definitely, Respawn Entertainment is not skimping on adding new content or features for this season 3 of Apex Legends. A Duo mode has just appeared on Apex Legends. Here is what there is to know to venture on it.

One of the things that sets Apex Legends apart from its rivals including Fortnite and PUBG is the fact that you can only play the game as a trio.

But that is not necessarily set in stone. During limited-time events, players were able to get their hands on a single player mode, among other things. Now it’s time for Duo mode!

This new game mode will be available today * i, probably around 7:00 PM. Until then, take advantage of the few hours you have left to try to find the ideal person with whom to discover this mode!

Once the download is complete, all you have to do is select the desired game mode, then start!

This is of course a limited-time mode, but as of yet no end date has been announced.

While this duo mode is a highly requested feature, players continue to expect a permanent duo and single player mode.

Respawn has in the past indicated that they will decide whether or not to make a temporary mode permanent based on feedback from the community. It remains to be seen if this time will be the right one!

In the meantime, enjoy Duo mode as if every day was the last!

Apex Legends Crossplay – How to play with friends

Crossplay has finally arrived in Apex Legends, allowing players to team up with their friends on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in cross-platform multiplayer. The Aftermarket update brings several changes and tweaks to Apex Legends, but cross-play is the biggest addition of all. Still, players can experience a brand new LTM with today’s update * and get their hands on over 20 new skins as part of the Aftermarket collection. It should be noted that Apex Legends cross play is technically still in beta, so you might run into some issues. Either way, it should work pretty well even if you run into a few issues. Here is how to use crossplay dans Apex Legends.

Comment crossplay dans Apex Legends

Crossplay is enabled by default on all platforms. To add a friend, go to the friends menu and select ” Find a friend. You will be able to search for a username on any platform and submit a friend request. Once you’ve added your friends, you can send them an invitation to play from the friends menu. Cross-platform party invitations will appear as an in-game notification in the lobby.

You will be able to find out which platform your friends are playing on by looking at the icon under their name in your friends list. Xbox gamers have the Xbox logo, PC gamers have a computer and monitor, and PS4 gamers have a generic gamepad icon.

Cross-platform games can use in-game voice chat. You cannot use the group chat feature of one system with players on another platform. You can’t use PlayStation Group Chat with friends on PC or Xbox, for example.

Also, cross play doesn’t mean cross progression. Your statistics and items are blocked on the platform of your choice. You can’t just jump between systems and take all your gear with you like you can in Fortnite. Cross-progression will be discussed at a later date, most likely when Apex Legends hits Steam later this year.

How cross-platform matchmaking works

Prior to the crossplay update, you would only be up against other players on your specific platform. Now things work a little differently. All console players will now be automatically matched to other console players, meaning that both PlayStation and Xbox players will be placed in the same matches. PC players will continue to be paired only with other PC players. This divide is intended to ensure that PC gamers using a keyboard and mouse are not placed in the same lobbies as console gamers with controllers.

However, if a PS4 or Xbox One player teams up with a PC player, they will be placed in PC matches. This ensures that PC gamers are not brought into console lobbies. If a member of your crossplay group is on PC, your team will be placed in matches on PC.

If you want to turn off cross play in Apex Legends, you can do that from the game’s settings menu. It’s on by default, but you can turn off cross-platform beta if you want. This will likely make your queue times incredibly long, as most players will likely keep the default setting. EA recommends leaving crossplay enabled for the best experience.

Apex Legends Crossplay: How to Play with a Friend PS5 / PS4 / Xbox / PC

Apex Legends CrossPlay is now available! Here’s how to play with your friends on PS4, Xbox One, PC Switch and also soon on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S! Respawn had announced it for the fall, and now CrossPlay is on. After all these announcements, a good part of the players doubted the arrival of this feature.

First of all, Apex’s CrossPlay is currently in Beta phase. Anyone can benefit from it, however you may encounter some issues. To date, we have been able to launch several games between PC, Xbox and PC players, without encountering the slightest error.

In fact, CrossPlay should primarily benefit console gamers. Since PlayStation, Xbox and Switch players will automatically “match” together. Which should make Matchmaking faster and more efficient as well. Regarding PC players, they stay together. The only way to mix the two worlds is for a console player to join or invite a PC player. From then on, the console player (s) will switch to a PC server, along with other PC players.

How to add a friend in CrossPlay?

Whether you are on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC or even on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles, the procedure is there.

  • On the home screen, click the button to add a friend to the group
  • Then at the bottom left, select “Find a friend”
  • Then enter the name of your friend (an icon indicates the player’s platform)
  • Here are the steps in picture, we are looking for a player “Killer” (a very popular nickname!)

    How to play with a friend on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC?

    As we saw with the procedure above, you must first add your friend to the group. Then just start a game.

    Is CrossSave available?

    Not for the moment. But Respawn has touched on the feature several times. As a reminder, it is about being able to play on any platform and find your progress, as well as purchases.

    Le Crossplay d’Apex Legends

    The announcement was made during EA Play Live. First, the company announced the Nintendo Switch version, followed by Apex Legends’ Crossplay on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. Another important information is the arrival of the game on the Steam platform, also for this fall. And now, on October 6, 2020, the CrossPlay of Apex Legends is well available

    How do I enable or disable Apex Legends CrossPlay?

    To turn off Apex Legends’ CrossPlay, it’s very easy. Just go to the game settings:

  • Game settings
  • Gameplay tab
  • Then “Cross-platform play”, then choose “Disabled”
  • Apex Legends Crossplay release date?

    It has been available in beta since October 6, 2020.

    CrossSave and shared progression on PS5 / PS4 / Xbox / PC?

    Currently, you can play with the same EA account on PS5, PS4, Xbox or even PC. But the progression, as well as your purchases, are independent of the platform. That is to say that if you play on PS5 or PS4, when you switch to PC, you will not find your purchases or your progress.

    This is why many players are wondering if with Apex Legends’ Crossplay, progression and purchases will be shared across different platforms. Unfortunately for the moment, the CrossSave is not available.

    Will the joystick and mouse players compete?

    By default, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch players will automatically “match” together. Which should make Matchmaking faster and more efficient on console too.

    Regarding PC players, they stay together. The only way to mix the two worlds is for a console player to join or invite a PC player. From then on, the console player (s) will switch to a PC server, along with other PC players. Note, it is impossible for a PC player to join the console servers.

    Is the mobile version of Apex Legends Crossplay?

    For the Mobile version of Apex Legends, Respawn has chosen not to offer crossplay. The company indicates on its FAQ “Apex Legends Mobile having been designed especially for mobile, it will not offer cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends. Mobile players will therefore play against other mobile players, rather than mingling with players from other platforms.

    Apex Legends’ Crossplay, evolution of discourse over time

    • 22/03/2020 : no new communications from Respawn on this subject, the situation has not changed.
    • 02/04/2020 : no new announcement on the subject. EA’s Community Manager responded to a question from the EA Apex Legends CrossPlay Forum: “We don’t have details on adding CrossPlay to Apex Legends, but keep an eye on the official channel. If that happens, you will see news on it ”. The answer is not very optimistic for the future of this feature. The Community Manager does not engage, but does not close the topic. In short, Respawn’s position has apparently not changed or advanced on the subject.
    • 06/04/2020 : Dusty Welch and Chad Grenier, two managers of Apex Legends, shared about Apex Legends Crossplay in an interview. They clarify that from a personal point of view, they are both very interested in this feature, especially between PS4 and Xbox One. Finally, they also indicate that the functionality is still under study and that they are well aware that at present, it is an essential functionality in Battle Royale.
    • 05/06/2020 : Despite a few interviews, like the one on the VG247 site which reveals Apex Legends’ plans, there is no official Crossplay news. However, one developer suggested on Twitter that there is still some hope for CrossPlay.

    ” I hear you. But you are asking the wrong person. I cannot talk about things that are not announced. My advice, don’t give up! “

    • 19/06/2020 : EA Play Live presented all the new features of EA, and among the announcements the Nintendo Switch version and the Crossplay of Apex Legends.
    • 06/10/2020 : Apex Legends CrossPlay is available in beta.

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