[GUIDE] : How to set videos as ringtones for Android


[GUIDE] : How to set videos as ringtones for Android

If you’re sick of your old, classic, boring ringtone, or tired of searching for the perfect song to alert you to a new incoming call, we’ve got the solution to your problem. Many applications allow you toswap your ringtone audio for engaging videos. It is an original way of personalize your phone, and what’s more, it’s very easy to configure.

Choose from thousands of video channels for personalize your home screen when you receive a call. Another bolder option is to simply select a particular channel and you will see a different video with each call. If you like surprises, this option is for you.

Here is a selection of 4 applications allowing you to personalize your Android and thus give rhythm to your daily life in different ways!

  • Video Caller Id

    Video Caller ID is an application that allows you to change the usual way of receiving calls. It allows you touse any video as ringtone. Create personal settings for each video contact: the sound volume, the starting position of the video, the style of an incoming call.


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  • Vyng Video Ringtones

    Vyng offers cool and free video ringtones on every call! Instead of hearing the same old ringtone every time you get a call, Vyng reproduces videos. You can set video as ringtone, choose channel to have new video ringtone for each call, etc.


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  • Full Screen Caller ID

    Full Screen Contact is an alternative call screen for your android device. Using this app you will be able to customize the way the phone notifies you of incoming calls and outgoing, sms or emails.


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  • Video Ringtone – Incoming Video Call Pro

    If you are bored with the simple incoming call screen and want to change, be unique and different with every call, Video Ringtones will help you replace your screen: every time you get a call you will see your favorite video appear !


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  • Android: how to limit the ringtone of the smartphone to your favorite contacts

    By changing the settings of Android’s “do not disturb” mode, you can limit receiving calls to your favorite contacts only.

    Android smartphones have a “Do not disturb” function which mutes the ringer and vibrator. It is activated from the quick action area (displayed at the top of the screen with a simple swipe of a finger) or by lowering the volume to the maximum or by launching a search in the parameters menu with the “Do not disturb” keywords (also called “Silence settings” or “Alert slider” on some devices).

    But you may need to be available for some people. Here’s how to configure this mode so that your favorite contacts can always ring your smartphone’s ringtone.

    1 – Define your favorite contacts

    In Android contacts, accessible directly by an icon or through the dedicated menu, find the one that interests you, then press the star at the top of the screen. He is then considered a favorite contact.

    2 – Change the Do not disturb mode

    Open menu Do not disturb through the quick action area (see image below). If it is absent from this area, the operation can also be carried out by going to the section Son Android settings or by searching for keywords in general settings. If you can’t find anything, try a search with Alert slider or Silence settings.

    In Android 7, tap Priority only, then on Calls. Choose Favorite contacts only in the list. You can also turn off the switches Reminders and Events.

    Under Android 8 or 6, in Do not disturb or Silence settings, press directly on Calls / favorite contacts only.

    After these changes, only your favorite contacts will be able to call you when you have activated the mode. Do not disturb.

    YouTube Ringtone Maker: Convert YouTube Videos to Ringtone for Phone

    Are you fed up with the default ringtones on your phone? Maybe you want to make a special ringtone for your iPhone or Android phone. You might have already thought about using a funny music or song you like on YouTube for your smartphone ringtone. If so, but you don’t know how you can convert YouTube video to ringtone for your phone, then this article is for you! Use our YouTube ringtone maker and you can easily make ringtone for your phone from YouTube video.

    FonePaw Audio Recorder can extract audio from YouTube video and turn it into MP3 file (which you can use as ringtone on Android device) or M4A file (which you can use as ringtone on iPhone) . This software also allows you to cut audio files, so you can keep the portion of the YouTube video you prefer to make your ringtone.

    Here is how you can make ringtone for Android or iPhone from YouTube video using FonePaw Audio Recorder.

    Convert YouTube Video to Ringtone for Android Phone

    To create a ringtone for your Android phone from a YouTube video you will need:

    • A computer ;
    • A USB cable;
    • A YouTube ringtone maker – FonePaw Audio Recorder.

    Download FonePaw Audio Recorder for free to your computer by clicking one of the following buttons, depending on your computer’s operating system.

    Free TrialFree Trial

    1. Extract audio from YouTube video to MP3 format

    Install and launch FonePaw Audio Recorder on your computer. In the main software window, activate the “System Sound” option, which will allow you to record YouTube music coming out of your computer speakers. Disable the “Microphone” option so that external sounds are not recorded with the music from YouTube that you are going to use as a ringtone.

    Go to Settings and click on “Exit”. Select “MP3” as the audio format. Android phones usually use MP3 files as ringtone. And select “High”, “Highest” or even “Lossless” for the audio recording quality if you want to get very high quality ringtone.

    Launch your YouTube video and click the “REC” button to start recording the audio from the video to YouTube. Once you have got the part you want to use to create your ringtone, click on the “Stop” button.

    Now you can listen to the recorded ringtone from YouTube. If you wish, you can change the start and end of the ringtone by clicking on “Edit” to mute your ringtone. When you are satisfied with your ringtone, click the “Save” button to save the MP3 file to your computer.

    Tips : The canceled or unrecorded file can be restored when the program accidentally quits during recording.

    All you have to do is access “Record History” at the bottom left of the software home interface. In the pop-up window, you will see the button at the bottom of the “Restore” window. Press this button and then you can recover the unsaved file.

    2. Move the music to the ringtones folder

    Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer. Make sure that you have selected the MTP (File Transfer) option in the window that appears on your Android device.

    On your computer, go to “This PC”, and you will find your Android phone. Click on it and go to the “Ringtones” folder, then drag the YouTube music file you just recorded there.

    3. Use YouTube music as ringtone

    Go to “Settingsb” on your Android phone. Select “Sound” → “Ringtone,” then choose the YouTube music that you have saved for your ringtone.

    Create your ringtone from a YouTube video

    An easy-to-use site helps you create your own personalized ringtone from the URL of a YouTube video.

    Choose the ringtone of your smartphone.

    It’s one of the guilty pleasures we succumb to the moment we unbox our new device.

    What if none of the natively installed melodies suit you?

    There are many applications that help you download other “ringtones”.

    Some are chargeable. Others inherit a too limited catalog.

    To expand the possibilities, why not dig into the heart of YouTube?

    Here is the method to make your ringtone from YouTube video.

    1. From your computer browser, go to the Melofania site by clicking here.

    2. Cliquer sur extract sound from YouTube.

    3. Copy / paste the address of the link that leads to your YouTube song and click on Extract

    The site then ensures for ten seconds the repatriation of the sound track associated with the video.

    4. Select where the ringtone will start and end, using the dedicated cursors.

    5. Click on Create ringtone.

    6. Click on Get ringtone.

    After a few seconds, the music file is available for download in iPhone format (m4r) and Android format (mp3).

    7. Click on Mobile phone (mp3) or iPhone (m4r) to download the file in the format you want.

    8. On Android, send the file to your phone’s email address as an attachment. Save attachment / file to directory Ringtones from your phone. The new ringtone appears in the list of melodies available in the Settings / Sounds.

    9. On iPhone, launch the iTunes software. In the File menu, click Add a file to the library. Select the music file created via the Melofania site. Connect your iPhone and start synchronization. The new ringtone is included in the catalog.

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