[GUIDE] : How to unblock your Paypal account


[GUIDE] : How to unblock your Paypal account

Since many years, PayPal is one of the most popular platforms sending and receiving online payments. Today * i, PayPal remains the king payments for goods and internet services. PayPal is accepted as a payment method by many online merchants than any other online exchange service. However, you can use your Paypal account for much more than simple online shopping. You can run your own business by receiving and sending PayPal payments, organizing collective fundraisers, donating to charities, and more.

PayPal does not have only benefits, however. As a PayPal user, you will be faced with several challenges. There are many Internet users who have their money blocked by PayPal. You too may be facing this problem. In the worst case, you will lose your money for months, on average 6 months. But have no fear, in this article, we are going to give you the weapons to unlock your PayPal accounts quickly. We’ll also show you how to avoid getting blocked.

PayPal account: what is it?

PayPal is an online trading company that facilitates payments between sellers and buyers through online transactions. PayPal offers customers the possibility of establishing an account on its platform. This account will be directly linked to a customer’s bank account. He can make transfers from his current account to his PayPal account and vice versa. PayPal will then take care of verifying all the information provided by the creator of the account. Once verified, the account will be fully operational.

The customer will be able to receive and send money as he wishes while respecting the thresholds. Transactions can be done directly on the website or on the downloadable PayPal application.

Why is your PayPal account blocked?

Your PayPal account can be blocked for several reasons.

Fraudulent use

What you need to know is that PayPal does not block your account with the intention of harming you. The main purpose of PayPal account restriction is to protect the real account holder. PayPal blocks your account initially to protect you and your data. Indeed, if PayPal suspects fraudulent activity on your account, it will be temporarily suspended. If they find out that someone else is using your PayPal account without your notice, they will automatically block your account.

Also, your account will be restricted if your bank suspects fraudulent activity between the bank and your PayPal account. In reality, the purpose of PayPal is to protect against malicious people.

However, this is not the only factor. There is also the exceeding of payment limits.

Payment limit

PayPal has established payment limits, when you reach this limit, you are required to provide proof to PayPal to justify the transfers. If you don’t, or if you delay doing so, your PayPal account will be temporarily blocked. When you are faced with this kind of problem, what is recommended is to log into your account and check the status of your case in the dispute manager section.

Risky activities

Another factor that can cause your PayPal account to be blocked is if you engage in activities that are risky. That is, if your customers have had to complain repeatedly or every time you make transactions, there are chargebacks or complaints. Also, if you have a suspicious money entry or if you change activity, PayPal can block your account to do some checking before reopening it.

But in most cases, before restricting your account, PayPal sends you an email or a message to your account to let you know. In this case, if you act quickly, you will have the opportunity to prevent the restriction of the account. All you need to do is provide all the information requested by PayPal and which relates to your activity.

Inactive account

In addition, PayPal may decide to suspend your account if you are not using it. When you create a PayPal account, it is for the purpose of using it for making transactions. PayPal also wants to make profit through your account. So when you create an account, but there is no activity on it, it is blocked. This is to measure your interest in the account, but also to protect the account. If you want to unlock it, you will have to provide identity documents such as a copy of the passport, driving license, etc.

How to quickly unblock your PayPal account

When your PayPal account is blocked, you cannot send or receive money. PayPal can save you enough money if you are an e-merchant. In the following paragraphs, we will give you some advice to prevent your account from being blocked. We will also give you tips on how to unlock it quickly if it gets stuck.

Do not exceed the payment limit

As stated above, from a certain amount, your account will be suspended. There are certain sales volumes that lead to your account being systematically blocked, and many people end up in this situation. That is, they make large volumes of sales and end up not being able to get their money back because PayPal blocked it. What is the limit that must not be exceeded? This amount is divided into 2 levels. First, there is the limit of € 1,800 and that of € 2,500.

Contact PayPal

As soon as you exceed the limit of 1800 € sales on your PayPal account, you will receive a first warning. They will send you an email in which they will explain to you that your account has exceeded a certain threshold and that you must provide more information to verify the legality of your activity. So, to give them the information they ask for, you simply go to their site, upload the requested documents and send them.

But from what emerges from the comments, the page tends to buggy when you try to provide information. So you are seriously struggling to resolve the problem through the site. We are not saying that this is impossible, there are some people who go through the site and easily manage to prevent their accounts from being blocked.. But in the majority of cases, this does not succeed. The only viable solution is to phone them.

Ensuite, if you exceed the second level of 2 500 € without providing proof, your account will be totally restricted. So you must do your utmost to provide all the information relating to your business to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Because blocking your PayPal account can have a significant impact on your business. Again it is the same, you will have a lot of trouble to solve the problem on the site. The best is to go to the contact section, find their numbers and call them directly.

The procedure

When you get them online, you simply explain your problem. This problem is quite recurrent, so PayPal is very familiar with this type of problem. So what they’re going to do is they are going to send you an email. And in this email, there will be a specific link that you must click and then confirm your identity by means of an ID document. You scan your coin and send it to PayPal.

You also accompany all this information with your RIB. All this information will allow PayPal to see that it is indeed you and that no one else has access to your account. It is after all these steps that they will be able to unlock your PayPal account so that you can continue your business.

Unblock your PayPal account: make updates

To easily unblock your PayPal account or simply to avoid being blocked, we recommend that you update your information. You should never forget to update your tracking codes and tracking codes. There are many apps which allow you to do this very easily. You can use apps that integrate with Shopify or you can pay someone to do it for you manually. This is something very important. In addition to preventing the blocking of your account, this will prevent you from many disputes with your customers.

Prevent blocking your PayPal account: messaging

You should know that the more disputes there are on your account, the more you will be suspected of fraudulent activity by PayPal. This is why it is better to set up a messaging system that notifies your buyer before he makes a dispute. For example, you can tell customers that the best solution is not to let PayPal know because it would not be helpful. In the same message, you give him a number or an address on which he can contact you. Thus, you will be able to resolve the problem without there being any dispute. This reduces the risk of restricting your PayPal account.

In the event that there is already a dispute, we advise you to favor discussion with the client. It is better to discuss to find a solution. Indeed, if you do not find a solution with your customer and PayPal steps in, you may never get your money back. You’re going to freeze all your money.


We recommend that you do not have a single payment service. You must have at least 2. That way, if there is a problem with one of your payment methods, you can use others. This will allow you not to shut down your activity. Because if you are an e-merchant, you cannot sell if you have no way of receiving money. It is very important not to depend on one bank.

Also, don’t leave too much money on PayPal. You should certainly leave money in the account, but don’t leave too much, it’s even better not to leave more than 5,000 € in your PayPal account. This will help you avoid getting enough money blocked. If you have some money aside, as we said before, you will still be able to run your business.

However, despite the fact that you can easily get your money blocked in PayPal, it remains one of the most reliable tools for online payments.

Why create a PayPal account?

Although there are many ways to online payment, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, PayPal gives some additional benefits that others do not have. First of all, its age means that it is well established and widely accepted, even by small retailers. You will find a PayPal payment option on several websites that do not offer the same for Google Pay or other online payment services.

Then, the guarantees that PayPal offers to buyers will also allow you to be refunded if an item purchased online does not arrive. Or if the item does not agree with the seller’s description. This is very useful for shopping on sites like eBay, where you usually don’t have a store guarantee.

People who sell items as personal or professional and which are paid by PayPal are also protected. For example, if you are able to prove that you sent an item over some network when the buyer claims not to have received it, you keep full payment. In addition, another argument for using PayPal is that it provides an extra level of security for your payments.

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