[GUIDE] : How to use and deactivate parental controls on 2DS or 3DS…


[GUIDE] : How to use and deactivate parental controls on 2DS or 3DS…

The Nintendo 3DS family systems have many practical and fun features. However, some of them are not intended for the youngest. Follow the steps outlined here to help your child safely use the Nintendo 3DS family system. When you switch on the machine for the first time, you will be asked to set up parental controls. Touch YES to begin, then follow the onscreen instructions.

These features are also valid for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS.

Choose a secret code to ensure that your child will not be able to change the settings you have selected (the console will also ask you to choose a personal security question and to enter an e-mail address in case of loss of the code); you will need it for any modification. Configure the options, all enabled by default, to restrict access to specific features as needed by pressing the corresponding button.

  • Touch AGE CLASSIFICATION to prohibit the use of certain software according to their age classification.
  • Touch INTERNET BROWSER to prevent your child from accessing the Internet.
  • Touch NINTENDO 3DS PURCHASING SERVICES so that your child cannot use Nintendo eShop or any other console shopping service.
  • Touch 3D DISPLAY to turn off the display of 3D images, which may damage the eyesight of a child under the age of 7. This 3D display function has also excluded 2DS and New 2DS models.
  • Touch MIIVERSE to restrict the posting and / or reading of messages through this service.
  • Touch EXCHANGE VIDEO / AUDIO FILES, IMAGES, MESSAGES to prevent your child from sending or receiving photos, pictures, messages, videos, or audio files.
  • Touch ONLINE INTERACTIONS to prevent your child from sending or receiving photos, pictures, videos or any other content via the Internet and to prevent them from playing online.
  • Touch STREETPASS to turn off the StreetPass feature, which automatically exchanges photos, pictures, videos and other content between two Nintendo 3DS systems when they are in close proximity to each other.
  • Touch ADD FRIENDS to prohibit the addition of new friends. Users registered as friends can view your child’s online status and exchange messages and other content with them.
  • Touch DS DOWNLOAD MODE to prevent your child from downloading demos or multiplayer versions using local wireless communication.
  • Touch VIEWING DISTRIBUTED VIDEOS to limit viewing of distributed videos (only videos for all ages can be played). To restrict viewing of game videos from Nintendo eShop, you will need to adjust the age rating setting.

Make sure to select OK to save your settings.

If you want to configure parental controls when the initial settings have already been made or change the options, access the console settings via the HOME menu and select PARENTAL CONTROLS.

How to deactivate parental controls on 2DS or 3DS…

… When it has been configured by someone else, and you have neither the PIN code, nor the answer to the secret question, nor the possibility of receiving an email with a reset code.

Real life situation today, on U’s 2DS XL. (9 years). I don’t know who has set up parental controls on this console, but no one has the code to deactivate it. Nintendo has provided a solution: when you don’t know the PIN code, you can answer a secret question (here: “what is your favorite movie?”), Except that no one has the answer. Next step planned by Nintendo: sending an email with a special code to reset the control. But sending this email requires that the console is connected to the internet, or if no connection has been configured, it is impossible to configure one without the parental control code … And it is also impossible to format the console and reset it to the factory configuration without the parental code.

The cheat code to unlock the console

Warning: if you are a child, do not perform this procedure without your parents’ permission and do not leave your fingers on the metro door, you risk pinching yourself very hard.

Here is the solution: After the PIN code and secret question steps have failed, the console displays a 10-digit code. Normally, you must call the Nintendo hotline with this code, in order to receive a 5-digit unlocking code (known as the “general code” or “master key”). Which is painful (and not free). But luckily, some clever people have found the algorithm that generates the unlock codes, and have set up a website – MKey Generator – which allows you to obtain the said code, by simply entering:

  • Today’s date (as displayed by the console)
  • The 10-digit code provided by the console

Tested and approved today * i, therefore, on a stuck 2DS XL console. This site is also supposed to work to unlock Parental Controls on Wii U and Switch, but I didn’t have the pleasure of testing it.


Swizzy offers us today * i a very nice utility, called “3DS parent tool” and allowing you to remove parental control from your 3DS.

You just have to enter the service code of your 3DS console, the date and press “get the code” to obtain your “master key” and unlock your console.

This tool is based on the neimod code, released today * i on its github.

3DS Parental Tool

– Microsoft .net framework 2.0 or later
– a Nintendo 3DS– It’ll generate the master key for you to unlock your parental locked Nintendo 3DS

1. Forget your pin for the parental controls of your Nintendo 3DS after you’ve locked it
2. go to System Settings (you may have to launch it in 2D mode)
3. Go to Parental Controls
4. Click on Forgot Pin
5. Click on I Forgot
6. Write « Enquiry Number » into the « Servicecode » box and click OK (NOTE: Make sure the date set in the tool matches the date on the 3DS!)
7. Click on GetCode this will generate your key
8. Press OK on your 3DS and type in the number then press OK again
9. Do whatever it is you needed to do once you had unlocked your 3DS

Unlock 3DS Parental Control

It sometimes happens that we forget a password or that we buy a console that was not unlocked before the sale, here is a simple tutorial that will help you to unlock the parental controls of your 3DS easily.

For this tutorial we will just need a little software, nothing simpler in short.

! Does not work with 10 digit codes – Click on the link below to get an unlock code!

Download 3DS Parental Tool.rar (you will need winrar to unzip the file and net framework 2.0 or higher to make it work)

Then go to your 3DS:

  • Go to the system settings of the console.
  • Then go to the parental control menu and click on “forgot password” then on “I forgot”.
  • You will be given a code

Launch the previously downloaded software

enter the code written on the 3DS screen by checking that the date on the console is the same as on the software (modify the date if necessary) then click on “Get Code”, you will obtain a “Master Key” “.

Go back to the 3DS, click OK then enter the key generated by the software and click OK again.

Your 3DS is unlocked.

If you cannot get the software to work and you want the code directly, or if your assistance code is 10 digits please click here

ATTENTION ! This article is not intended to provide you with after-sales service, questions in comments that require a code will therefore be automatically ignored, only questions relating to the use of the software will be taken into account, for any request please go through the link just above, thank you for your understanding.

Reset Parental Controls Code on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS

Here is a simple method to remove a Parental Control Code for Wii-U or 3DS. Indeed, it is possible to restrict certain functions of your console via a PIN code, but this password can unfortunately be forgotten. Or worse, it is possible to buy a used console that has this lock code that the previous user would have installed. A previous tutorial concerning the Nintendo DS and Wii firsts of the name had already been written, but the creative house of Mario has decided to modify the security algorithm since the 7.2.0 update for 3DS.
Here is how to reset the parental control code on Wii-U or Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS:


1. Turn on your console then go to the settings, then open the “parental control” tab. Then click on “I forgot” twice in a row:

2. The console then returns you a security code which you must write down:

3. Download mkey Generator software> on your computer or mobile.

4. Open it, a new page opens, then note the unlock code:

5. Go back to your console and click OK, then enter the code obtained a few moments earlier, and see your console unlocked!

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