We discovered yesterday that Nintendo estimated to have sold no less than two million copies of its Super Mario Odyssey in just three days and this morning, the information provided by Famitsu seems to support the manufacturer’s statements. The famous Japanese magazine announces that in three days, no less than 511,625 copies of the game which would have been sold on the archipelago.

Additionally, it is important to note that this figure includes games sold alone and bundles, but in no case digital sales and so this score can be even much more impressive. To date, the title is the second best launch ever on Switchbehind Splatoon 2 and its 670,955 copies sold in three days last July.

The release of the game also caused sales of the console to explode from 24,000 machines to 133,000. If it was still necessary to prove to the world that the star who recently changed career was timeless, Nintendo has done it.

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