Sekai Project announced a visual novel developed by 122pxshoel HAPPY SAINT SHEOL will launch in Q4 2023. The visual novel will be available on PC via Steam, and a progress update was shared at Anime Expo 2023.

HAPPY SAINT SHEOL is currently in the editing phase according to Sekai Project. The game will aim for release by the end of this year, and a free demo will be available sometime in Q3 2023 for PC via Steam. A Steam page will be online soon, and the official Sekai Project page for HAPPY SAINT SHEOL will receive an update with the latest information. The next version will support English and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

Anime Expo 2023 Panel Happy Saint Sheol Slide

Here is an overview of HAPPY SAINT SHEOLCourtesy of Sekai Project:


This is the story of a group of very ordinary girls.

Two thousand years ago, the Pestis disaster swept across the land, corrupting all living beings and making life on earth difficult. For those who still wish to live on this dead land, a temple has been established. He was known as Saint Sheol of the Underworld.

With the help of a distant relative, I moved to the capital where I dreamed of living and started working as a trainee priest in Saint Sheol.

Every day I endured pain and suffering in this unknown country. One particular day, when I was really in dire straits, an angel appeared to me in my dreams. “Don’t worry,” she whispered softly. It was truly a vision that seemed impossible. I knew the face of this angel.

Before the impending disaster stood 6 girls. In the deepest corner of the temple were fear, miracles, love…and lust.

Having touched the darkest darkness the world has ever known, we must now face the dazzling light.

So I ask this question.
Whose wings did I see that day?

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