After the announcement of Harry Potter Wizards Unite (by the creators of Pokémon GO), Warner Bros. unveils another title that will be inspired by the world of wizards imagined by JK Rowling. Titled Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, this opus for smartphones and tablets is developed by Jam City, which has worked on other free-to-play mobile games with microtransactions. On paper, this adventure is intended to be much more ambitious than all the studio’s projects before.

For the first time, the player will be able to personalize his own student before receiving the famous letter which invites him to study at Hogwarts. So, your character will evolve over the years at school where you will have to attend classes in potions, defense against the dark arts and much more. You will come across personalities well known to fans of the saga, such as teachers for example.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be released on iOS and Android in 2018. For more information, you can visit the game’s official website and its twitter account.

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