Since its announcement, The Last of Us 2 has been quite discreet and fans can’t wait for new information to arrive about the Naughty Dog title. However, we discover today that a little clever could well have found the place where the sequel to the title released in 2013 will take place.

Reddit members Falconbox carried out a real analysis of the images and the official trailer of the title to try to discover in which city the game would take place. As you will be able to see for yourself via the visuals at the end of the news, a serious lead emerges following his investigative work.

First, he compared the trees and road signs present in the announcement trailer. We quickly find that these correspond to what can be found in the city of Seattle. An image of the game for its part corresponds to a parking zone present in the city and the most interesting comes from the fact that the forest zone present in the trailer could well correspond to a park present near said parking zone.

At present, it is impossible to know if this discovery is correct, but it is good to remember that the adventure of the first episode ends in Tommy’s village in Jackson, Wyoming, 860 miles from Seattle. A distance that the protagonists will have had no trouble covering during the 5 years that separate the story from the two adventures.

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