Dark Souls 3 said goodbye to players yesterday, with the release of the second and final DLC for this episode which thus closes the trilogy. On this occasion, the Japanese magazine Famitsu organized an interview with Hidetaka Miyazakidirector of the title and centerpiece of the studio FromSoftware.

Is this really the end? Is all the imagined content included in the different sections? Here is what Miyazaki said:

As I have said from the beginning, there are no further developments planned, at least for the moment.

I can’t really say that I was able to do everything I wanted. As is the case with every game I’ve run, each episode of Dark Souls has its own problems, and I live with those mistakes. Even with that, I think Dark Souls was a good series.

As is often the case, a designer is never 100% satisfied with his baby, despite months of hard work. Regarding the future, Miyazaki-san is not concerned about making a Dark Souls-like, but he will remain silent on his plans :

Since I have already started working on several projects, it would be a spoiler if I revealed anything. What I can say is that the way we produce a game hasn’t changed. When making a new game, we are not conscious of making something that resembles Dark Souls, or conversely, making something different. I’m not worried about whether it’s similar to Dark Souls, I’m planning on making a game that I want to make now, that’s what’s interesting.

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