We believe Hogwarts Legacy 2 is currently in active development. This news isn’t surprising given the commercial success of the first game, but it’s still exciting.

Hogwarts Legacy was awesome (especially the mounted), but we want more. Call us insatiable, but we want Downloadable contentwe want multiplayer contentand we want a sequel! In this article you will find everything we currently know about Hogwarts Legacy 2. Let’s take a look at the latest leaks.

The first rumors about Hogwarts Legacy 2 emerge: it’s in development

Insider and leaker @MyTimeToShineH recently claimed that Hogwarts Legacy 2 is currently in active development:

Sources have confirmed that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works pic.twitter.com/LQEKFmUpO9

— MyTimeToShineHello (@MyTimeToShineH) September 2, 2023

That’s the only thing the leaker said, and no other leaker has corroborated this claim so far. However, this was almost certainly going to happen after the success of the first game, and MyTimeToShine has been right many times in the past, so we’re confident in the truth of this claim.

Hogwarts Legacy 2: official word on the sequel

We have no official confirmation of a sequel. The only official word we have so far comes from a statement made by the chairman of Warner Bros. Games, David Haddad. In early 2023, he declared Variety that Warner Bros. felt very positively about the launch of Hogwarts Legacy. He also added that Warner Bros. will continue to use franchises like Harry Potter for its “future slate of games”:

We are very pleased with the initial launch and anticipate a bright future for our other platform launches. Our goal is to continue to use our incredible library of Warner Bros. franchises. Discovery as we develop our future range of games.

Now, this is obviously all very tentative, but it also makes perfect financial sense for Warner Bros. to follow up giventhe success of Hogwarts Legacy. As a recent earnings call revealed, Hogwarts Legacy exceeded $850 million in sales and 12 million units sold during its first two weeks.

In addition, we recently managed to come across a job ad in which the developers of Hogwarts Legacy were looking for a software engineer to help develop an unannounced AAA game. Interestingly, the mentioned reference was removed, right after gamers started speculating about the next Hogwarts Legacy sequel, which adds even more mystery. Fortunately, nothing is lost on the internet and you can see an excerpt from the original announcement below:

Could this mysterious project be a magical adventure at Hogwarts? Maybe. THE hogwarts legacy story, without giving anything away, is also very compatible with a sequel. And with Hogwarts castle already created, one would have to imagine that even an effortless sequel would be pretty solid. They might just give us a 6th grade.

There is of course one obvious problem for Hogwarts Legacy, and that is JK Rowling. His attachment to the project through the Harry Potter intellectual property has led to boycotts, criticism and even criticism. stream raid. But in all honesty, we’re not sure that would preclude a sequel.

While there’s no official confirmation yet, we think the leak about a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is correct. Warner Bros. probably didn’t plan a sequel from the start because they wanted to see how well Avalanche would perform, but based on the game’s commercial success alone, one has to imagine the publisher is now happy that the studio is making it another. A.

Possible exit window for Hogwarts Legacy 2

If there is a Hogwarts Legacy 2, we believe it will be at least four years from now, so 2027 at the earliest.. We don’t have an official word on a release date yet, but Hogwarts Legacy 2 will be an open-world RPG, so it would be naive to expect them to release one in a shorter time frame.

That’s all we know about Hogwarts Legacy 2 so far, but we’ll keep this article updated as more news emerges.

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