Since Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based gatcha game, HoYoverse decided to add an auto-battle feature, which is very useful especially when doing your daily work! However, if you try to use this feature to clear the MoC, you will definitely come across some weird decisions and interactions.

After players noticed super strange decisions made by the auto fighter in Honkai Star Rail, HoYoverse finally managed to update said feature in the most recent version 1.3! So that means auto-combat is working as intended, right?

Well, almost, I guess? Most units work fine in auto mode after the last patch, but it feels like HoYoverse forgot to address a character or two completely …

Honkai Star Rail: HoYoverse has finally updated the Auto Battler

In the most recent 1.3 update, HoYoverse decided to give the auto-fighter some love and affection. Much to the delight of many Honkai Star Rail players, this the update improved many units and interactions, mostly avoiding illogical moves.

  • From now on!

Unfortunately, it seems that HoYoverse forgot some of their own characters, who has I did not receive any adjustment at all. It’s especially annoying when among them is one of the most used and loved units of all time!

Honkai Star Rail: Auto Battle Still Hates These Units

There are two units that are particularly painful to play:

silver wolf

Now you are weak against ICE! And now you’re weak to FIRE or maybe back to ICE instead? …

That’s what the usual Silver Wolf experience it looks like when used in automatic battle mode. Whenever it’s Silver Wolf’s turn, she will use his talent, which imposes a certain elemental weakness on an enemy.

Not only does the choice of said enemy seem super random, the automatic fighter too uses the skill too often, eat all skill points. And the funniest thing about this interaction is that it changes elements every turn, which means you’ll never deal constant damage to your target.

Even though Silver Wolf is probably the strongest support in the whole game, this tool makes it almost unplayable if you don’t want to give up auto battle mode.

For the

Pela’s skill is an extremely useful ability, as it removes a buff from a target enemy, making them weaker. How can the auto-combat game ruin this one, you’ll ask? Well…removing a buff is super awesome but What if there wasn’t even a buff in the first place? — Yes, you read correctly: Automatic combat removes non-excising buffs from an enemy.

    It’s not only SUPER useless, it also makes your skill points disappear, leaving you with a normal attacking Kafka each turn. This is not only very frustrating, but it could also be a problem. why you are losing your battles.

    Honkai Star Rail: Auto Battle update saved these units

    Fortunately, it looks like the other characters’ auto-battle has improved a lot a lot after the most recent update. Especially Tingyun and Bronya act much more logical and their competence the use is much more rationed than before. Tingyun in particular was an absolute nightmare to use!

    Along with these two, Blade ultimate It works much better now too! It rarely happens that it targets secondary enemies, which greatly reduces the AOE effect.

    Hopefully HoYoverse will also take a closer look at other characters in the next Auto Battle update. For now, Silver Wolf players must use their brains to operate their unit!

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