One way to boost your favorite characters in Honkai Star Rail are glow cones! In fact, choosing the right weapon for your team can be crucial, and sometimes it will even be the difference between victory and defeat. This tier list will help you determine which Light Cone is worth investing in!

Given the large number of light cones to choose from, it is not always easy to take them all into consideration when you equip your characters. The following tier list will help you get an overview of what weapons exist and which one you should definitely invest!

The list is divided into seven paths in order to be more manageable and clearer to read. So if you’re only interested in one lane, you can skip the others, even though you should always have. several paths in the constellation of your team!

Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List Guide

In Honkai Star Rail, Cones of light are a type of equipment very similar to weapons in other gatcha games. A total of 68 light cones are currently available. A suitable light cone is a absolute necessity to make your build as perfect as possible so you can clear endgame content.

List of light cone 2 levels

Each The path has its own cones of light, which are divided into three rarities (3-star / 4-star / 5-star), just like the characters. You can get cones of light either by completing quests, getting them as a reward, or shooting them from a banner in the gatcha system.

You’ll get way more Cones of Light than you’ll ever need to equip all of your characters and some of them are pretty bad compared to those of even lower rarity.

Let’s take a look at the first cones of light, shall we?

Destruction Light Cone Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • The inaccessible side
  • Brighter than the sun
  • Nowhere to run
  • The moles welcome you
  • Under the blue sky
  • Weft! It’s time to walk!
  • At the fall of an aeon
  • something irreplaceable
  • A secret wish
  • Sky collapsing (3★)
  • Broken house (3★)
  • Mutual Death (3★)

With Brighter than the sun, we really strong Destruction Light Cone added in version 1.3., which can also be used on multiple characters! something irreplaceable is completely broken However, if you use it on Clara, all other Destruction characters can make good use of its stats and effects. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to get it!

Hunt Light Cone Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • The night
  • sleep like a dead man
  • Only silence remains
  • sword game
  • Back to darkness
  • Cruise the Stellar Sea
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  • River flows in spring
  • Arrow key (3★)
  • Arrows (3★)
  • Conversatory (3★)

The night is the most interesting The hunting light cone. His synergy with Seele is one of the best in the game. However, out of all other characters, The night works just as well as other 5 stars in the S level.

Scholarly Light Cone Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • The Rest of the Geniuses
  • Today is another peaceful day
  • The seriousness of breakfast
  • The birth of the self
  • Make the world clamor
  • Wisdom (3★)
  • Database (3★)

before dawn actually deserves its own category called “super broken”. Obtain this weapon if you have spare Stellar Jades and use it on every Erudition character you wish to play. before dawn provides all the stats a character could ask for.

Harmony Light Cone Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • But the battle is not over
  • Dance! Dance! Dance!
  • Sculpt the moon, weave the clouds
  • Memories of the past
  • past and future
  • Planetary rendezvous
  • Choir (3★)
  • Mesh Gears (3★)
  • Meditation (3★)

But the battle is not over is probably still the best Light Cones for supporting characters like Bronya. However, each 4-star light cone is also excellent in the Harmony category, just be careful with Planetary rendezvousThe passive effect.

Nihility Cone of Light Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • Before the start of the tutorial mission (R5)
  • Patience is all you need
  • incessant rain
  • Good night and sleep well
  • Solitary Healing
  • In the name of the world
  • The resolution shines like pearls of sweat
  • Stop
  • The eyes of the prey
  • We’ll see each other again
  • Empty (3★)
  • Loop (3★)
  • Hidden Shadow (3★)

Good news: they all work great and are very usable! Even Void as a 3 star weapon is a common choice at least for Welt! With a large number of Nihility characters added during 1.2 and 1.3, we also have a number of light cones to choose from! Especially the new Herta’s Shop Light Cone “Lonely Healing” looks very valuable and is a great F2P option as you can upgrade it to R5 quite easily.

Preservation Light Cone Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • First day of my new life
  • Pram’s choice
  • It’s me!
  • Universal Market Trend
  • We are wildfire
  • Amber (3★)
  • Defense (3★)
  • Pioneer (3★)

This may be controversial BUT First day of my new life is simply the best overall preservation light cone! If you have Moment of Victory use it on Gepard, other than that ALWAYS use the first day of my new life if you get it. And let’s go I’m not talking about the texture of memories

Cone of Abundance Light Tier List

Ranking 3 and 4 star light cones 5 Star Light Cones
  • Mixed feelings
  • Postoperative conversation
  • something for something
  • Heat shortens cold nights
  • Perfect moment
  • Cornucopia (3★)
  • Fine fruit (3★)
  • Multiply (3★)

SharedFeelings and Post-Op Conversation are exceptional cones of light for all your healers. But if you have Luocha, Echoes of the Coffin is a mandatory cone of light, as its healing scales with its ATK. Otherwise, Heat shortens cold nights could also do the trick.

Did you get a good preview? Then enter the game and equip your characters with the appropriate weapons, they will thank you for it.

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