Genshin Impact developers, miHoYo, have launched the servers for their upcoming free-to-play game, Honkai Star Rail. Set in the Honkai universe, this futuristic world tour pits players against each other in turn-based battles. Although the gameplay is vastly different from that of Genshin, many features have been carried over. One such system that has carried over from game to game is that of daily missions. These are paramount to earning as many rewards per day as possible, and some require a bit of brainpower. We’ll jump on the track and take a look at the Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz answers and solutions.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Answers and Solutions

The Ministry of Education has questioned the intelligence of the players and asks you to answer a series of quizzes in order to prove your aptitude. This quest to accept them is called At the gates of science” and as such with daily quests, can be repeated. The quiz will ask you a series of 2 questions every time, and will have new questions every day.

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These quizzes are questions that may involve math and brain teasers, which can be time-consuming and absurd. For this reason, we have compiled a list of all questions answered so far. Here are our Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz answers and solutions:

Quiz part Question Respond
Quiz Part 1 “The Limesteins have a large parking lot filled with 42 cars. One day, a thief stole the wheels of several cars. Now many cars only have 3 wheels. When assessing the damage, the insurer leaned over and counted a total of 154 wheels on the ground. How many cars have had their wheels stolen? 14
Quiz Part 2 “58 is the first snow and the first snow is 0. 39 is the Summershade bamboo and the Summershade bamboo is 14. 99 is the ball peony and the ball peony is 8. 27 is the sunflower and the sunflower is 4. How much is First Snow, Summershade Bamboo, ball peony and sunflower added together make? 142
Quiz Part 3 The Limestein wheel thief was apprehended, with the guards taking three suspects: Jack, Chris and Eric. The three argued, with Jack blurting out, “Chris is the one who stole the wheels!” »

The quick-witted Gepard quickly found the culprit. To test his assistant, Gepard said cryptically without revealing the thief: “How strange. Of the three, only the thief didn’t lie.

Who was the thief who stole the Limestein wheels?

Quiz Part 4 Howard, Philip and Joyce: among them are a good man, a bad man and a liar. The good man speaks only the truth; the wicked only lies; and the liar… Well, he would say anything – sometimes the truth, and sometimes lies.

Joyce once said, “Philip is either the good guy or the bad guy.

Then Philip said, “Either Howard or Joyce is the good man. »

Which of these three is the liar?

Quiz Part 5 1453=0 1915=1 2409=2 6010=3 9981=4 8848=? 6
Quiz Part 6 Hook is playing a game called “Guess the Color of the Flowers” with his friends.

She invited Julian, Luka and Big Sister who always plays with them – and stuck a flower in everyone’s hair. There are four flowers – two white, two purple – and no one, including Hook, looked at their own flower or anyone else’s flower.

Then she asked everyone to come forward and form a line. Hook, Julian, Luka, then Big Sister stood in order.

It is only allowed to look at the person straight ahead, and no one can turn around or glance at someone else’s flower. To keep things fair, Hook blindfolded Big Sister — because she’s so tall!

However, even if they can’t see their own flowers, we can by the way: Hook and Luka have white flowers, while Julian and Big Sister have purple ones.

Despite Hook’s best and righteous intentions, only one person in this game will be able to guess what color the flower on her head is. Who is this person?

Quiz Part 7 I heard there was an ancient treasure buried in an inconspicuous corner of the snowy plains. Sampo the Explorer – Tall, Blue and Handsome – found the treasure after quite an adventure, and in front of them they found two talking doors: one gold, one silver.

One of these two doors only speaks the truth, while the other only speaks lies. Behind one of these doors hides a treasure, behind the other hides an ancient monster.

A note on the treasure map advises: Both doors will only answer one question. Quick-witted Sampo – Tall, Blue and Handsome – thought about it before asking the silver door, “What would the golden door say about the thing behind you?” »

The Silver Door responds, “It looks like there is treasure behind me. »

Which door should open Sampo (big, blue and beautiful)?

Open the golden door

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