Honkai Star Rail: These Are Your Top Chaos Memory Picks


Honkai Star Rail: These Are Your Top Chaos Memory Picks

In Honkai Star Rail, there are two main endgame options: the simulated universe and the forgotten room. Both are great for testing the limits of your team and character so you know where to improve your line-up even more to make them super strong!

THE “Memory of Chaos” to Honkai Star Rail is the second half of the forgotten room, which is much more difficult than the first, simply called “Memory”. Since The Memory of Chaos will reset after each new patch, this is a great way to farm Stellar Jades regularly!

Only the strongest characters and teams are able to erase the Memory of Chaos, which translates into staples, which almost all players use!

Honkai Star Rail: These Are Your Top Chaos Memory Picks

Many can probably already guess which characters you’ll find in the following list, but maybe there will be a surprise or two!

The forgotten room

The forgotten room involves a number of stages with increasing difficulty. Defeating all enemies in each Forgotten Room stage will reward the player with Materials EXP, Credits and Lucent Afterglow. If you didn’t know, you can use Lucent Afterglow to purchase certain 4-Star Cones of Light from the Forgotten Hall Shop!

The first half of Forgotten Hall, Memory, has 15 stages, which you must unlock once. After that, you can start working your way through the second half, the Memory of Chaos!

Top 10 most used characters

At the end of each Honkai Star Rail update, you can check each character’s usage in Memory of Chaos on the PRYDWEN.GG website!

#10: March 7

Is there anyone who is really surprised by this result? Even though March 7 is one of the very first units we get after starting the game, she’s still a wonderful preservation character and her shields are just too powerful!

  • We can find March 7 In 33.01% Memory of Chaos races!

#9 Bronya

To be completely fair, I thought we’d find Bronya much higher in this list! However, she’s still a 5-star standard banner unit, which means you can’t guarantee getting her!

Still, she’s just the best buffer we have in the game right now, which is why we’ll probably see her on this list for many more months!

  • We can find Bronya In 40.71% Memory of Chaos races!

#8: Cheetah

And again, we have another great character from Ice, following in the path of The Preservation. Serval’s big brother, Gepard, has the biggest shield in the entire Honkai Star Rail universe and can block tons of deadly damage for your team!

  • We can find cheetah In 42.68% Memory of Chaos races!

#7: Bailu

It’s no surprise that Star Rail’s only two healers make it onto this list. Bailu is the first, as fewer players probably have it. Bailu’s healing abilities are downright insane and his resurrect function is by far the coolest thing in his kit!

  • We can find Bailu In 47.35% Memory of Chaos races!

#6: Jing Yuan

Xianzhou General Luofu is one of the new limited banner characters, which doesn’t mean fewer people have him!

For having spent quite a short time, he seems to be a staple in a group of player teams!

  • We can find Yuan Jing In 52.61% Memory of Chaos races!

#5: Fire Pioneer

Our trusty Trailblazer is obviously a must on this list! While their physical form is probably one of the worst characters in the game right now, his path of preservation is super strong to be a starting unit.

  • We can find the pioneer of fire In 68.37% Memory of Chaos races!

#4: Silver Wolf

It’s no secret that Silver Wolf was by far the most anticipated character in the entire game! Many players have saved their Star Jades from him, which is clearly seen in his use in Memory of Chaos.

  • We can find the silver wolf In 71.03% Memory of Chaos races!

#3: Tingyun

For most players, Tingyun is an absolute must-have in the first or second team of Memory of Chaos. Her polishing abilities are almost as strong as Bronya’s, but if you get some of her Eidolons, she might even be a better choice than her 5-star equivalent.

  • We can find the Tingyun In 73.35% Memory of Chaos races!

#2: Soul

It is quite understandable that the first 5-star Limited Banner has such high popularity.

Many players removed it early in the game, or even created new accounts in order to get Seele right away.

  • We can find the Soul In 83.59% Memory of Chaos races!

#1: Natasha

She’s incredibly strong and free to go right to the start of the game: Natasha! Since she will be the only healer for many players for a long time, it’s understandable that she’s played on so many teams. If you built her correctly, she’s almost as strong as Bailu!

  • We can find the Natasha In 87.34% Memory of Chaos races!

Are your favorite characters also on this list? To be honest, the game’s character selection isn’t the biggest right now, however, it’s quite interesting to see the community favorites!

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