Honkai Star Rail: Xueyi Farming Guide – All Climbs and…


Honkai Star Rail: Xueyi Farming Guide – All Climbs and…

Even though the upcoming version 1.6 of Honkai Star Rail introduces two incredible 5-star characters, we must not forget the brand new 4-star unit: Xueyi! If you ask me, this is my favorite character from the next banner, and I bet many players would agree with me! If you’re one of them, check out this farming guide for her and be ready when she drops!

Xueyi is a pretty interesting upcoming character in Honkai Star Rail since she works in the same way as Herta! Not in terms of gameplay of course, but she has, just like Herta, a puppet body, which was given to her after the death of her original. However, his spirit remained intact. If you would like to add Xueyi to your collection, it will be present in the second phase of 1.6!

And speaking of its release date: This time there is two possible release days for version 1.6. This is due to a delay in patch 1.5, and it’s still unclear whether HoYoverse is fixing the schedule, making the current patch only last five weeks, or whether it’s simply following a new plan. This means that Xueyi will be released on either January 10, 2024 or January 17, 2024!

Honkai Star Rail: Xueyi Farming Guide

Personally, I always loved Herta in Honkai Star Rail! He’s such a cool character and especially with his puppet body, he’s a pretty unique unit. However, that might change with the release of Xueyi! She will also have a puppet body, with her human mind fully intact.

Xueyi is one of the judges of the Commission of Ten Lords, which is also why she was given a new body after her “death”, so that she can continue to carry out her job. Overall, a judge has four main tasks in Star Rail: detention, interrogation, incarceration, and punishment. Xueyi is responsible for the first part, detention!

Estimated output:

January 10, 2024 / January 17, 2024
Rarity: ★★★★




The destruction

Honkai Star Rail: Xueyi Ascension Materials

The following list provides an overview of the ascension materials needed by Xueyi from level 1 to 80:

  • 290x Traveler’s Guide or 1160x Adventure Journal
  • 862,600 credits
  • 12x core off
  • 13x Glitter Core
  • 12x wiggling core
  • 50x Monkey Nail

Honkai Star Rail: Xueyi trace materials

If you thought maxing out your character was painful, you’ve never maxed out a unit’s tracks before! Do you want to do it for Xueyi? — So here is what you must have prepared:

  • 5x traces of destiny
  • 2,400,000 credits
  • 28x core off
  • 42x Shimmering Core
  • 42x wiggling core
  • 12x broken blade
  • 54x Lifeless Blade
  • 105x Worldbreaker Blade
  • 12x past grievances following the planetary catastrophe

But before you start your farming session, you should first check its tracks to decide which one has the highest priority for you! There are many characters who don’t need to raise all their skills to the maximum!

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