[HOT] : How to install Anno 1800 Part one mods

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[HOT] : How to install Anno 1800 Part one mods

Ubisoft’s flagship business game Anno 1800 continues to perform as well as ever, so much so that the studio has revealed it will be hosting a third season of expansion content in 2021. Part of that is certainly due to the Game modding community. Anno 1800 mods might not be as prolific as other mod scenes, but there is plenty of user-generated content to check out if you are looking to spice up your game.

Anno 1800 is one of Ubisoft’s newer titles, and it’s one that’s kept pretty much exclusively on Ubisoft’s Uplay platform (now known as Ubisoft Connect). You can find it to buy it in other places, like the Epic Games Store, but you still need Connect to launch the game. Mainly, Anno 1800 is not on Steam, so it cannot benefit from something like Steam Workshop.

All mods below were taken from Nexus Mods. You can check out the full library here (sorted by ‘most popular ever’), but we’ve taken a select sample of mods to show off the different ways you can tweak your game.

The best Anno 1800 mods

Here are the best Anno 1800 mods:

  • Mod manager
  • Spice up
  • Ship unlocker
  • Battleship Mod
  • Cheat mod
  • Project distinction

How to install Anno 1800 mods

You have to go a bit “old school” to install the mods for Anno 1800. All of the mods listed below will come with specific installation instructions, and generally most (if not all) of them will require this tool. mod upload created by a community member. To install it, follow these steps:

  • Unzip the two .dll files and place them in the same directory as Anno 1800.exe. By default this should be: C: Program Files (x86) Ubisoft Ubisoft Game Launcher games Anno 1800 Bin Win64
  • Next, make sure your home directory contains a folder called “mods”. Otherwise, create one.

Typically, all mods will need to be placed in the ‘mods’ folder, but be sure to read the specific installation instructions.

Mod manager

This is a utility mod that uses the mod loader mentioned above and offers a bit of extra functionality. This is not a list of mods without a mod manager, especially for games that don’t use Steam Workshop like this. This tool acts as a standalone launcher, capable of launching the game itself, managing the creation of mod directories, loader files and allows the activation / deactivation of individual mods.

What it can’t do (currently) is download or install mods for you, although apparently this feature is under development. You will still need to follow the individual mods instructions in terms of installation, but once in place you can use this tool to manage whether they are enabled or not.

Spice up

This mod can best be described as a collection, bringing together various quality of life changes, gameplay tweaks, and other add-ons to “spice up” Anno 1800 in a way that makes the game feel fresh, but doesn’t not stray into the kingdom. changes that make it easier. Additions include everything from sandbox mode, to a range of ornamental mods, to crazy stuff like Thomas the Dank Engine. No, we don’t know either.

This collection is as much of a ‘tool’ as it is a mod, as the individual bits can be toggled on and off using either the supplied mod loader utility or by using another mod manager like the one mentioned above.

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An alternative to this mod would be Tweaks & Enhancements, which also acts as a collection of micro-mods but has a much smaller mission.

Unlocking ship

This mod unlocks exclusive ships that you needed an extremely rare reward / reward to unlock or needed to buy from pirates. This allows you to build a shipyard and build exclusive ships as long as you have a craftsman on your island.

Unlocked Ships include Pirate Ships such as Gunboat, Frigate & Ship of the Line, as well as Royal Ships of the Line, Pyrothian Ships, and Steamboat Extravaganza.

Battleship Mod

This mod only concerns one thing: battleships. In Vanilla Anno 1800, the largest warship you can build is the Battlecruiser, and this mod adds the following class. It comes with custom mesh and textures for the player to be built into the Steam Shipyard when they reach 3000 investors.

In the words of the mod creator, “The strength of the battleship is to counter large ships and is more vulnerable against small ships like monitors. The battleship defeats the Battlecruisers who defeat the monitors who could defeat a battleship in greater numbers.

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This was taken as a balancing act, to prevent battleships from simply replacing all other types of ships.

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