[HOT] : Skyrim: the best Xbox mods for the perfect gaming experience

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[HOT] : Skyrim: the best Xbox mods for the perfect gaming experience

With nine years of existence, Skyrim remains a must-have for all Western RPG lovers. Five years after its release, Skyrim Special Edition is born. In addition to offering improved graphics, the Xbox Edition opens the door to a feature so popular on PC: Mods. These extensions, created by the community, allow you to modify certain parts of the game and bring a different and improved experience in many areas. Indeed, mods on Skyrim can alter virtually all aspects of the game, whether in terms of graphics, gameplay, sound, weather or even quests, some extensions offering stories worthy of very good DLC .

Despite the great age of Bethesda’s title, the modding community remains extremely active and as of this writing it is no less than 13 359 mods that are available for Skyrim! In order to find your way around this mass of possibilities, we offer you this guide to best mods for Skyrim.

Install mods on Xbox

First of all, how to install and activate mods for Skyrim on Xbox? While it is possible to install them directly from your Xbox, the first thing you will need is to create an account on the Bethesda.net site.

Once done, you will have access to all available mods. It is possible to search for them directly from the console but if you have the possibility to do it on PC, we recommend it. Indeed, you will have access to many more search options and filters on PC than on console.

Then choose the ones you want to install and click on “Add to library”. In order to activate them, start Skyrim on your console. Then, in the menu, go to the “Mods” section. The first time, you will need to enter your Bethesda.net ID created at the beginning of this guide. Once identified, you will find the mods that you have added to your library. By selecting them individually, you can activate them. Launch the game and the active mods will then be functional. You will also be able to add mods to your library from the Xbox app. However, this operation is less easy because the search function is limited to keywords and does not offer any filter option.

The importance of mod order

While in most cases the different mods installed will run fine, having a lot of mods active at the same time can pose some issues. Indeed, it is possible that contents know conflicts between them and this can result by crashes of the game, visual alterations or performance problems. In order to prevent any problem of this kind, it is possible to optimize the installation by choosing the order of loading mods. The order will determine which mod will load before which when you launch Skyrim. Here is the recommended order for the mods you have activated:

  • Patches and bug fixes
  • Important mods that affect the game as a whole
  • Quest mods (small and large)
  • Changes in environments and weather
  • Mods that add important towns or villages
  • Mods that add homes to existing cities
  • Plants and foliage throughout the game
  • Gameplay modifications (fights, magic, advantages, …)
  • NPC changes
  • Visual, textual or atmospheric modifications
  • Change in sound, audio or sound effects
  • Modification of classification, menu or inventory system
  • Cheat mods
  • Replacing character models
  • Additions to weapons, armor or clothing
  • Crafting mods
  • Various mods and small-scale foliage
  • Modifications to weapons, armor and clothing
  • Mods that should be loaded last (specified by mod author)
  • Mods that remove graphics effects to improve performance

The risks of using mods

If you do decide to use mods, you should be aware that these are community created changes and therefore do not go through as much quality testing as official patches or DLCs. Some problems can therefore arise. From our experience we can say that we have very rarely had any issues with mods on Skyrim. By choosing mods that are popular enough and putting them in the right order, you shouldn’t have any major issues. Note, however, that some are only in English and often not translated. So you may end up with some lines of English text in the game. Also be aware that if you use mods while playing Skyrim, achievements will be disabled.

The best mods for Skyrim

The unavoidable

Uncap FPS: From the start Skyrim has always been limited to 30fps but with the advent of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S it is now possible to run it at 60fps stably. While waiting for an official optimization of the title, this mod will allow you to fully use the power of your new consoles by running Skyrim at 60fps.

Skyrim Special Edition Unofficial Patch: This mod fixes many bugs and issues in the game. This patch is also available in French here.

Skyrim Full French Localization: This mod translates many in-game elements into French, including signs, city signs, quest items, …

Graphic mods

Static Mesh Improvement : This mod replaces and improves over 1000 items in over 4000 different locations.

Skyrim Graphics Overhaul: One of the most popular graphics enhancement mods. It brings together a good number of other mods and comes with a second mod available here which improves even more elements.

Graphics Pack: Another great mod that greatly improves the graphics aspect of the game. It offers a different rendering than Skyrim Graphic Overhaul but is just as qualitative. Choosing between these two mods will therefore be a matter of taste. The Graphics Pack also contains two additional asset packages, available here and here.

Skyland: Skyland is a mod that will replace many textures in the game. It is compatible and is recommended with the Skyrim Graphics Overhaul.

Enhanced Blood Textures: This mod adds new blood textures as well as new gore effects during kill moves.

Realistic Water Two: Thanks to this mod, the water in the game will be more real than life.

Gameplay mods

Alternate Start – Live Another Life: If you want to start a new Skyrim run, this mod will allow you to skip the official intro sequence and get a completely different start than the all too well-known Helgen one.

Ordinator – Perks Of Skyrim: This mod will allow you to create a completely personalized character by considerably modifying the various skill trees available. It will allow you to choose your abilities across no less than 469 skills.

Apocalypse – Magic Of Skyrim: For magic enthusiasts, this mod adds 155 spells, ie 31 spells per school as well as the associated visual effects.

Unread Books Glow: For completionists at heart or reading enthusiasts, this mod will highlight books you haven’t read yet.

Believable Crime Report Radius: This mod will reduce the radius in which NPCs report your crimes. By increasing this distance from 57 meters to 14 meters, the game experience will be more realistic and will make stealth approaches easier.

Immersion mods

Realistic Conversations: Thanks to this mod, the different characters encountered will have more realistic conversations. They will speak more naturally and have more conversations with each other.

Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul: This mod modifies the artificial intelligence of all citizens of Skyrim to make their actions and behaviors more realistic.

Cloaks & Capes: What would an adventure like Skyrim be without a cape? This mod adds cloaks for your character but also for characters encountered in the game such as the imperial guards or the Stormcloak soldiers.

Diverse Dragons Collection: This mod adds 28 new dragons to the world. These are classified into seven categories and have new attack abilities.

Open Cities: Thanks to this mod, cities are more integrated into the open world. Indeed, by installing it, the loading times will be eliminated when entering or leaving cities. Guards at the entrance to towns and villages will also act more realistically.

Immersive Patrols: This mod will add many Imperial, Stormshroud and even Thalmor patrols to the open world. These patrols will be able to cross paths and engage in combat with each other if these factions are in conflict.

Enhanced Lights And FX: This mod enhances all light sources in the game and adds effects like fog and other visual effects.

Quest and content mods

Forgotten City: Probably the best mod in terms of content and worthy of an official DLC. It adds six to eight hours of adventure and exploration in a forgotten ancient city.

Falskaar: This mod adds a new area, 20 to 30 hours of gameplay, 26 quests, nine of which are part of the main scenario and even an original soundtrack!

Moonpath to Elsweyr: This mod will take you to explore a whole new region with new companions by your side. It is fully translated into French.

Beyond Bruma: This mod recreates the mythical Bruma County and adds more than 70 characters as well as many quests.

Travel and weather mods

A Quality World map: This mod greatly improves the reading of the world map by adding new textures and detailing most of the roads.

Wet And Cold: This mod adds rain and cold effects on the game characters in addition to realistic behavior for NPCs in case of rain or bad weather.

Climates Of Tamriel: This mod brings many climatic improvements to the game, such as new storm effects and new cloud textures. In all, this mod offers more than 500 climatic variations.

You will understand, this list is by no means exhaustive but includes the best Skyrim mods available today * i on Xbox. We certainly missed a few that could improve the gaming experience even further. If so, please let us know in the comments.

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