Hot Steals: Path of Exile Heist’s Microtransaction Items


Hot Steals: Path of Exile Heist’s Microtransaction Items

A guide to the coolest stuff to purchase on PoE

Like it or not, microtransactions, not POE currency, keeps Path of Exile going. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games has kept this purely cosmetic and not pay-to-win. So, are you interested in the latest POE Heist: Microtransactions? If the answer is yes, then here’s a bit of a preview for your perusal.


Between the Angels and Demons


Previously, Angelic and Demonic Armor Sets can only be obtained through the mystery boxes. Now they are available as specific sets, which means unlike last month, you’ll no longer be relying on RNG to get them. Both sets include gauntlets, greaves, torso, and helm, and buying the set lets you save 120 Points. Both sets, however, don’t include their respective wings, which are priced at 320 Points–more than half of the full armor.


On the other hand, if you want something cool on your back but you happen to be on a tight budget, both sets have cloaks, which are cheaper at 100 Points. Also, both sets have a hood and a shield, which are priced at 100 Points. If you find them snazzier than the helm that the set comes with, then we recommend that you go with this one. Lastly, the shields come at a reasonable 180 Points.


Hat Stuff


Now let’s move on to Grinding Gear Games newer offerings that are both for easily-enticed newbies and spending-savvy long-time players. But before we go to any of those, perhaps the most lucrative out of all of them (especially if you want to be in for the season) would be the Heist Brimmed Hat. It’s a stylish red medieval hat with a feather on it and what seems like a bronze band.


When worn, it leans to the left and has a cool-looking insignia at the top. If you want to be a bit of a prankster or a hipster while farming for POE Currency, then you should definitely get this hat.


Demon King and Pandemonium


As for the other new shop PoE items, what’s popular right now are effects. Two are for certain specific skills–Molten Shell and Dominating Blow–while the rest are for Portal. It’s the Demon King Portal Effect, which kind of looks like a throne with curved horn-like projections on the side, and the portal in the middle. It comes in three forms, each of which a different color: Divine (white/beige), Arcane (Blue), and Necrotic (Green). Obviously, they’re very much aptly named.


Competing with last month’s Demonic set isa new one that looks like it can become the next bestseller hit: Pandemonium. Unlike the Demonic set, what makes this set cool (or rather, hot) is the fact that it’s got your torso, arms, and thighs exposed, and your skin turned into this orange super-hot-looking material.


While there’s a set that is priced at 840 Points and lets you save up to 240 Points, you might also choose not to go for that. Because much like the two previous sets, instead of the helm that comes along with it (which looks cool and gothic, by the way) you might prefer the Pandemonium Hood. As the name suggests, it’s a cowl rather than a helm that has a face on it.


If you prefer that but still want the full Pandemonium set, you’ll be spending a bit more, but the alternate design is very much worth the extra points if you’re still vying for the rest of the full set.


Lastly, the Pandemonium set also has wings, a cloak, and a shield, which are respectively worth 640, 460, and 180 Points. If you want to complete the look, then you should buy them.


These are just some of the few offerings in Path of Exile: Heist’s shop. So, are you getting a few for yourself? If yes, then which one? Tell us in the comments!

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