how Lensois fans support the Andalusians after the controversial travel ban


how Lensois fans support the Andalusians after the controversial travel ban

While Sevilla FC supporters were banned from traveling less than 48 hours before their meeting in Lens in the Champions League (Tuesday, 6:45 p.m. on RMC Sport 1), all the voices speaking out defend the Spaniards. And the Northerners are the first defenders.

A few hours before the Lens-Lille Champions League match (Tuesday, 6:45 p.m. on RMC Sport 1), we still do not know if Sevillian supporters will be able to access the Bollaert stadium and the situation regarding their arrival is still tense. confused. But one thing is clear in Lens: everyone is in solidarity with the Andalusian supporters, who learned on the eve of the match of the orders preventing them from attending the match.

“It’s ridiculous, incomprehensible and worrying for the future, because we are not capable of welcoming 300 Sevillians to Lens for a Champions League match,” sighs the president of the Lens United association, Norman Noisette.

“This happens in France every weekend, it’s deplorable. Foreign countries receive us in very good conditions and we cannot reciprocate. In the spirit of yes, we will do everything to welcome the Sevillians and bring them to the stadium. » An annoyance shared by the main ultra group, the Red Tigers. In a press release, the latter even say they are ready to leave places in their stands for the Sevillians.

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“It’s a budget”

“I admit that I won’t do it because perhaps we only experience the Champions League once,” smiles Aristide. This Lens supporter waits in front of the Félix-Bollaert stadium, after passing through the Gaillette training center where he saw Facundo Medina. “These are the values ​​of the club,” he said in reference to the reaction of the Red Tigers. “But it’s not normal, knowing that we were accepted there. »

Next to him, a friend, Raphaël, adds: “It’s a budget, people left for maybe two, three or four days like we did there. Our section, when it left for Seville, was for a week. They took accommodation. , the bus, the plane… It’s huge. »And that’s a lot of money invested. Raphaël therefore also adheres to the Lensois speeches. “This solidarity is normal and logical. We hosted Arsenal and it was a big celebration. We received Eindhoven, there were incidents in the city but at the stadium it was a big party, I say to myself that it’s a shame for Seville. » Sevillian supporters plan to show up in Lens anyway: “Many supporters have already traveled and others are on their way,” the Federación de Peñas Sevillistas told RMC Sport.

The anger of Franck Haise

The Spanish club’s president, José Castro, described the situation as “absurd” and an “atrocity” for his supporters. Coach Diego Alonso describes the situation as “unusual and unfair”. But the one who had the strongest words was Lens coach Franck Haise. “I regret it, especially since the information arrived late. (…) Seville supporters organized not a trip but a trip. There are 300 or 400 of them and at the last moment we told them no because there were problems… But all countries have them. » And added: “Let’s tell them to stay at home, not even ten months before the organization. of the Olympic Games… But how are we going to organize the Olympic Games if we cannot welcome 300 Sevillians on our soil? Beyond the late form, there remains a real problem. That there are additional means to ensure good supervision, obviously but in this way; I don’t think this is the right solution. »

In Lens, everyone seems to agree, even if the club has not officially communicated. In the meantime, no one knows if the visitor parking lot will be open this Tuesday. The appeals filed by the National Supporters’ Association, as well as its Spanish counterpart FASFE, the Football Supporters Europe association, Accionistas Unidos (Sevilla supporters) and Sevilla FC will be studied from 11 a.m. this Tuesday.

Valentin Jamin with J.Bo., in Lens

how Lensois fans support the Andalusians after the controversial travel ban - 1

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