how scammers show your bank’s real number on your phone


how scammers show your bank’s real number on your phone

Widely used accessible software allows you to modify data related to your call. And telephone operators are largely powerless.

A call displaying the telephone number of your bank branch. At the end of the phone, a (fake) advisor pushes you to carry out a banking transaction, in reality to better steal your money. This method, which is increasingly widespread, is proving extremely effective for many scammers practicing the fake bank advisor scam.

By displaying the victim’s bank’s genuine phone number on the victim’s smartphone, scammers can immediately gain trust. Except that in fact, it is technically very simple to make a call by changing the phone number that appears on the recipient’s page.

“There is software that allows you to manage call parameters, in particular the number that will be displayed, by modifying the data manually” explains Gérald Vannier, founder of ComMeeTT, a company specializing in business telephony.

Calls from abroad

Such software, called IPBX, allows you to configure your calls, when they pass through the Internet, and thus reach any mobile phone. These tools, intended to modify the recipient’s telephone number, are perfectly legal. For example for a professional calling a customer but wishing to display only their company’s reception number and not their direct number.

When these calls are based from France and initiated by the network of local telephone operators, the latter can technically check the concordance between the number displayed and the real number originating the call. But in many cases, fraudsters operate from platforms based abroad.

“The problem is that when a call comes from a foreign operator, the French operator does not have this information. She cannot verify the veracity of the call numbers,” explains Gérald Vannier.

“Technically, anyone can fake a fake number and pretend to be someone else. In a democratic society, operators have no obligation to check if everything is correct,” explains Alexandre Archambault, lawyer specializing in law. digital.

Fraudsters who claim to prevent a scam

As for potential victims, it is unfortunately impossible to protect yourself against such a scam, except by being extra vigilant. During the call, first of all, making it a rule to never communicate your identifiers remotely. A security code request received by SMS (for double authentication) will most likely come from a scammer.

But caution is also necessary upstream, by protecting personal data. To give the victim confidence, fraudsters use public information or information stolen and sold by hackers in hacks or phishing campaigns. Thus, the fake bank advisor will not hesitate to communicate the name, first name, address and date of birth of his victim, but also more personal information such as a password.

Often, fraudsters will not hesitate to call because of an alleged fraud attempt against the victim’s bank account, presenting themselves as being able to help them avoid it.

In the event of a call from a fake bank advisor, it is imperative to report the situation to 33700. If only to report the number that was displayed and which corresponds to the real telephone number of your bank.

“Thanks to certain information such as the precise time of the call, investigators will be able to launch investigations into routings in this time slot and, possibly, find the authors of the malicious call,” explains Alexandre Archambault.

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