An intimidating yet lovable character, Thor is known for his towering size that even eclipsed the Ghost of Sparta. Apart from Thor’s build, he proves to be an example of overwhelming strength and someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. If you are curious about how tall Thor is, let’s find out how tall Thor is in God of War together.

How tall is Thor in God of War?

Although there’s no official description of Thor’s actual size, it’s safe to assume he’s around seven feet big or even bigger. This is according to Ryan Hurst (the official voice actor for Thor in the game). In a June 2022 Comic Con Revolution interview, Ryan Hurst stated that Thor’s height is “something seven feet…”

The information provided by Ryan Hurst, however, was almost accurate. If we make a rough estimate by putting next to Kratos with an official height of six-foot-four, we can safely assume that Thor actually stands between seven-foot and seven-foot-five.

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The construction of Thor’s body in the game

Thor was also Odin’s strongest underling and was once too weak to face his father. However, we’re big fans of how he finally got strong enough to finally say no. So don’t be fooled by Thor’s body just because we can mostly see his midriff – Thor’s body is akin to that of a professional weightlifter.

Professional weightlifters have a specific training regimen that results in a different body shape than professional boxers, gymnasts, or other athletic professions. Prioritizing strength and the ability to carry heavier and heavier weights, it does indeed accurately reflect how Thor is portrayed in God of War.

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