How to change WhatsApp keyboard on iPhone and Android


How to change WhatsApp keyboard on iPhone and Android

We are going to teach you to change WhatsApp keyboard on both iPhone and Android. In both operating systems we have the option to change the keyboard to taste to be able to put it in the color, size and with the settings that we deem appropriate.

Before proceeding with the method, indicate that this change will affect all applications, that is: we can change the keyboard in WhatsApp and other applications, but not individually for each of them.

Change WhatsApp keyboard on iPhone

To change the keyboard of our iPhone both in WhatsApp and in the rest of the apps, we just have to download the one we want from the App Store. You can check which are the best keyboards for iOS and Android, although in our case we will use the Google keyboard, Gboard for iOS.

Make sure, in the ‘keyboards’ section, to have ‘allow full access’ active, as this will allow the keyboard to function fully and activate whenever we want. As in iOS we cannot configure all apps as default, let’s open WhatsApp to change the keyboard.

We open any conversation so that the keyboard is displayed. Inside it you will see a circular icon: you just have to click on it to change the keyboard at will. If we have several keyboards installed with a long press we can switch between them. On iOS, keep in mind that keyboard grid is predetermined by the system, so we can’t change size and shape completely.

In short, if you want to change the keyboard in iOS, the steps are as follows.

  • Download the keyboard from the App Store
  • Configure it and activate ‘allow full access’
  • Open WhatsApp or any app that allows writing
  • Press the icon to change the keyboard at will

Change WhatsApp keyboard on Android

In the case of Android, the process is similar, but in this case we can configure the keyboard that we want as the default, so it will not be necessary to open WhatsApp. We go to the Play Store and download the one we wantFor the Android example we are going to use the popular Swiftkey keyboard, but the method is valid for any other keyboard.

The first thing the app will ask us is to activate it, to select it as the input method right after. This will make the keyboard the default, something that we will later teach you to change.

Ready, when you open WhatsApp and any other app you will already have your new keyboard as the default. As in iOS, below the keyboard you will see a button to change the keyboard, something that will allow you to use whatever you want, whenever you want.

The process to change the keyboard in Android looks like this:

  • Download the keyboard in Google Play Store
  • Set it up in your initial wizard
  • Activate it and put it as input method
  • Press the icon to change the keyboard at will

As a bonus on Android, we are going to teach you how to change the default keyboard from settings since, although it can be done with the button that we have told you, this is another way to do it.

  • Open the phone settings
  • Click on ‘system’ (if your customization layer has a dedicated ‘Keyboard’ option, click on ‘Keyboard’)
  • Language and text input
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Select the default keyboard you want

As we have indicated, we can change the keyboard from WhatsApp, but the one we select will affect the whole system. Remember that you can change it at the push of a button, so you just have to go giving it if you want to have a different keyboard for each application.

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