Starfield is a lot of things, but for starters, it’s a damn beautiful game. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, the scenery and attention to detail is truly breathtaking. And sometimes it’s nice to take a leisurely stroll along the road and admire the sights. For console players, this is done simply by pushing the left stick forward slightly, as you would in any game to walk. Unfortunately, PC gamers don’t have the luxury of a joystick, and keyboards only allow you to run or stand still. So let’s watch the sunset and see how to enable/disable walking in Starfield.

How to Enable/Disable Walking in Starfield

Wandering around Starfield might be something you, as a PC gamer, have come across accidentally before. And while you can’t normally walk with mouse and keyboard, Bethesda has given PC gamers a button to toggle walking. This can come in handy when you need to follow an NPC who walks as fast as a snail.

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You can press “CapsLock” on PC to enable walking in Starfield. This will make your character walk as long as you press “W”, but you can still run if you choose to press Shift. Since this is a toggle and not a hold, players can press the button again in order to return to a normal jog instead of a run. Additionally, players might consider rebinding the toggle button, as it is close to many other buttons in the game. This could put you in a very scary situation if you accidentally switch gears while running away from a Terrormorph.

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