How to extend your phone’s battery life?


How to extend your phone’s battery life?

The smartphone is today one of the tools that it is difficult to do without for our daily needs. What’s more, it’s even a faithful companion for many users who can’t live without it. Also, it is important to take the greatest care of it in order to be able to take full advantage of it, starting with the maintenance of the battery of your phone. If you want to prevent the latter from dying prematurely, we invite you to read this article. You will find some tips to extend the life of your battery.

Don’t charge your phone battery to 100%

Some users feel better when they see 100% showing up in their phones’ status bar rather than 99%. If this is your case, your attitude will certainly change when you learn that this is a harmful practice for your battery life. As much to tell you right away, the main trick to prevent the battery of your smartphone from experiencing an untimely death is to avoid recharging it to 100%. Indeed, the life of your battery depends on the number of charge cycles it performs. Each battery cycle is counted when you go from 100% to 0%. Once your battery has reached the maximum number of possible charges, it loses some of its battery life. Forcing you after several years to replace it with a new battery. According to the Slash Gear website, a lithium-ion battery is generally entitled to 400 or 800 cycles charge, after which you will need to switch to another.

So by preventing your phone’s battery from reaching the 100% mark, you’re preventing a full cycle from happening. In this way, you extend the time it takes for your battery to complete a cycle. In fact, some Pixel and iPhone models running iOS 13 or higher have features that automatically cap the 80% load. Once that bar is reached, they stretch the time it takes to reach 100% so as not to strain the battery. In addition, also be careful not to let the battery become fully discharged. On the contrary, you must do the maximum to maintain the level of your battery between 20% and 80%.

Watch the temperature of your smartphone

To extend the life of your smartphone battery, it is important to keep a close eye on the temperature of your device as well. Most smartphones warn you when they are too hot and turn off automatically if necessary. Adopt certain reflexes such as not leaving the phone on the dashboard of your car in the middle of summer is recommended, for example. In addition, if your phone heats up, avoid trying to cool it down by putting it in a cold place like in the freezer. This is because going from one extreme temperature to another can damage the phone as the components can suffer damage. However, you can put it in a place away from direct sunlight. You must of course take it out of its case for better cooling.

If you feel like your phone is getting unusually hot, you can turn it off directly to save it. If it was charging, you’ll need to unplug it immediately and leave it that way for a while. You can also check the cable you are using to make sure that is not the cause. If it is damaged, it is advisable to get rid of it and use a new cable. Another tip you shouldn’t overlook is that you shouldn’t charge your phone in bed, where it can create a fire by being covered by blankets and pillows. The best place to charge your phone is on a flat, hard surface.

To conclude, note that the battery of your phone is an essential element for your device. You should therefore take the utmost care of it. This involves observing a number of precautions, in particular ensuring that the charge level is optimized. You should remember that the battery of a smartphone is designed to hold a number of charging cycles well defined. So the longer you save the battery from being 100% charged, the better you ensure its longevity.

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