How to find all RW Variant Flasks in Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion – Shadows of Rose DLC


How to find all RW Variant Flasks in Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion – Shadows of Rose DLC

Players will now be able to control Ethan’s daughter, and her otherworldly powers are waiting to be perfected by every player. In order for Rose to tap into her full potential, there will be a collection of items along the way in the form of ‘Power Amplifiers’. The actual term for this in-game is RW-Variant Flasks. There are four to find and collect in the new Shadows of Rose story scenario. Not only does this increase the power of Rose’s abilities, but it also unlocks the Craftsmaster Achievement/Trophy. You shouldn’t let them pass!

How to find all four RW Variant Flasks in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose

We’ll keep it short, simple, and sweet with easy-to-read bulleted points to avoid confusion in case you get lost or don’t know how much you should have on hand. Note that once the second major area of ​​House Benevento is cleared, there are no more RW variant flasks to pick up. Here’s how to get the four you need before heading to its conclusion. This will help you prepare and fight his final boss since you will have unlocked three additional moves to counter and attack them.

  1. One of the first objectives of the scenario is to “find a power amplifier”, i.e. locate the very first vial of RW variant. This is contained in the workshop and Michael points directly to it as he enters it. You want to head straight to the library, bypass all the face eaters, and head to the workshop from there. Upon collecting this first flask, you will now be able to destroy mass cores that block resources and new paths and locations.
  2. RW-Variant Flask number two can be found when locating the second mask from the silver one. This is done when exploring the right side of the upper floor of the Great Hall. Once the chase sequence is triggered while exploring the small room and following Michael’s advice in a quick escape to safety, players will now have the chimney in sight. You will be able to clearly see RW-Variant Flash 2 in view here.
  3. After obtaining all three masks, a cutscene plays where Rose is tricked by the merchant into receiving a replica of the Purifier Crystal. Rose is then sucked into the ground and dropped into the dungeon area where a boss fight begins. Defeat Amalgam in its second phase and you will be rewarded with RW-Variant flask number three.
  4. The latter is located within the Beneviento House. Players will encounter and interact with him while preparing for the boss fight against Eveline. Again, this is clearly stated before going for Eveline and will fully unlock Rose’s power potential. Just make sure to go through the horrors of House Benevento again and complete the fight.

Bravo, you have fully equipped Rose! Now finish the winters tale in style!

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