The best part of playing Fortnite is being able to communicate with your friends. What happens when you can’t talk to them and you’ve tried just about everything to solve the problem? If you have noticed that your Fortnite voice chat is not working, I will try to help you. Here’s how to fix Fortnite voice chat on Xbox.

Solutions to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat on Xbox

If you want to fix your voice chat on Xbox, you will need to check your audio settings in the voice chat section from Fortnite and Xbox. It’s pretty simple to do, but first, you’re going to want to open your Fortnite game and head to the Voice chat tab in settings. Once there, make sure Voice chat And Voice chat notification are on, set to open mic and the voice channel set to party.

Once this is complete, check your Xbox settings to audio and voice located in the party and chat section. Create a party and add your friend who you want to talk to in Fortnite. Start your party and return to Fortnite. At this point, you’ll want to turn off your voice chat and ask to accept the changes. Leave your party and re-enable voice chat in Fortnite’s audio settings. This should help fix your Fortnite voice chat on Xbox.

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How to Fix Voice Chat Using a Wired Microphone on Xbox

If you’re using a wired microphone and still having trouble talking to your friends in Fortnite, make sure to go to Xbox Settings to audio and update your headphone volume, mic monitoringAnd chat mixer with headphones. You want to make sure your settings are up to date to avoid any issues.

Alternatively, if you are using a wireless microphone, you need to access devices and streaming and press accessories. Go through all your options for connecting your microphone and log in to any necessary connection menus.

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