Unlike typical Bethesda entries, Stealth in Starfield isn’t easy. For those who want to play the game as if they were the MC (main character) of Thief or Dishonored, the standard stealth version of Starfield has very few advantages. Many have described problems with creating a character that embraces stealth lifestyles. With a skill dedicated only to these build types, literally titled “”Stealth‘, those who spent their skill points after perfecting the leveling system to afford the four ranks available in this category.

Not only is there a stealth level, but you can also dive into the ‘Concealment‘Sneak attack skills that are crucial for this build in Starfield. So, what’s the problem with Stealth and how do you fix it for your game? This is Vincent’s guide on how to repair your Stealth doesn’t work in Starfield. Let’s look at the issues and possible solutions to resolve and be able to actually use your Stealth Build in Starfield.

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How to successfully use stealth in Starfield

The best way to have a stealth build is to spend time and effort improving your stealth and concealment skills. To move up the rankings, a Sneak attack is necessary. If you’re farming XP, a great way to do it is to go to high level planets and use Stealth here to kill enemies. However, for those who simply want to improve their stealth skills, you will want to perform as many sneak attacks as possible while indoors. low level planets Or Wildlife (fauna) can be found in abundance. Use it to practice your skills and discover what really marks your detection.

Next, you need to get the appropriate equipment for Stealth. You need to get your hands on the Chameleon Armor that provides invisibility advantage when you are stationary. This also stacks with your concealment skill, providing up to 50% off in visibility. Make sure you use Silent so that your weapons are not detected if you use the chameleon. Make sure you dedicate time to ‘Space suit design‘ so you can further upgrade your chameleon to reduce detection.

Finally, be aware of the surroundings as this has a huge impact on your visibility and the enemy’s ability to detect you. Light plays an important role in the game, so when using Stealth, it is best to fight enemies in a dimly lit area and eliminate singular enemies on patrol, as any that remain alive will shoot in the direction of where your silent bullet comes from. Since your character makes noise no matter what, focusing on upgrading your suit to reduce the amount of noise you make, even if you’re crouched, is imperative to a successful stealth build.

What causes enemy detection and how to deal with it

The main factors that come into play in detection are environment in which you fight (how bright it is, what obstacles are in the way, how many enemies are nearby) and the Level of the enemy you are trying to sneak attack or kill with a suppressed weapon. Because of these factors, you may find that no matter what you do, how slowly you move, or how much you rely on chameleon armor, you are always spotted.

Due to these factors, you need to spend a lot of time perfecting your Starfield Stealth Build. This won’t be over once you put a few points into Stealth as a whole. Instead, Armed And Spacesuit Mods, Stealth And Concealment Skills, understanding your surroundings, and recognizing the Stealth Meter while you play are all crucial parts of being able to play undetected in Starfield. We recommend spending as much time on your stealth build early in the game so you can use it in higher level areas where more XP is up for grabs.

How to Perform a Sneak Attack in Starfield

To perform a Sneak attackit’s better that you unlock Stealth Rank 1 because it offers the Stealth Counter. This will tell you if you are ‘Hidden‘of the LOS (line of sight) of enemies. Although you can perform sneak attacks in ‘Caution‘, you must remain undetected by enemies in order to have the possibility of carrying out a sneak attack. A sneak attack can be performed with melee weapons or firearms/ranged weapons. You should use a Suppressor on your weapons so that you are not detected after successfully eliminating an enemy.

When you have aimed your weapon or gotten close enough to perform a stealth kill with a melee weapon, perform the action by shooting or hitting the enemy (a headshot is key here) . If you hit them without being detected, you will have succeeded in a sneak attack. It is best to perform sneak attacks on enemies facing you. THE Chameleon And Weapons removed will help you here, as collecting Sneak Kills is essential to improving your stealth skill.

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