Nowadays, the codes for the different video games are no longer legion unlike what existed in the past. Indeed, the presence of trophies in games for several generations of consoles has prompted developers to put an end to this process so that the rewards system still has real value in the eyes of players.

However, as was the case with some games from the previous generation, it is now possible to modify saves of a large number of PlayStation 4 games in order to change the information they contain and so improve his inventory, his level of experience or even the amount of currency possessed by the player.

From a moral point of view, the use of this kind of process can obviously pose a problem, insofar as the video game is first of all an entertainment which directly involves the player.

Also, it is in your soul and conscience that you will use (or not), these techniques which must never make you lose sight of the essential: to preserve the sense of fair play, and above all, that of the pleasure of the game. .

This new cheating method is currently used by three brands on PlayStation 4, and today we invite you to discover our test of one of them, in the form of a tutorial explaining how to proceed in order to achieve for your purposes.

First of all, you should know that, like the Action Replay present on PlayStation 1 and 2, you must first checkout to access the software and its database. About the Save Wizard Max that we use for this tutorial, we have to pay 53.99 euros for it to let us access its database on PC, including no less than 666 games currently. For information, the software only works on Windows, Linux and MacOS versions being under study.

Once installed on our computer, all you have to do is launch the software and let it load the information contained on its publisher’s server. Once done, we have access to all the compatible games in order to get an idea of ​​which ones we can modify with this program of a new kind. But before enjoying the software version of the program, we must import our own backup present on our home console.

To do this, first go to the “Settings” tab of the PlayStation 4 interface and head to the “Manage application saved data” menu, then to “Data saved on storage system “

Next, choose the “Copy to USB Storage Device” option, and select the game whose save you want to edit.

Check the save containing game information and select copy so that the save lands on your USB drive.

Once the file is present on our storage medium, back to our computer with Save Wizard Max open. Insert the key into a USB port and the software will automatically detect your backup.

Once the game has been detected, double-click on its name to display the saved files, then right-click to access the modification actions allowed by the software.

First, select the option “Register Profile” to associate your PSN account ID with your nickname, in order to quickly select a profile for each save. Indeed, the software allows you to manage up to three profiles and even import backups found on the net to “re-sign” them with your PSN ID, but we will come back to this later.

Once our profile has been created, we must right-click again on the file on our USB key, and activate the quick mode giving us access to the cheat codes already present on the software publisher’s servers.

As you can see with our backup of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, it is possible to unlock a large number of Zeni or the second currency present in the title of Bandai Namco. The story mode is not forgotten with the possibility of unlocking all the protagonists of the adventure before their time and pushing their statistics to the maximum.

Once all the desired cheat codes are checked, just click on “Apply” for the software to modify our backup. Once this manipulation is done, we can recover our USB key in order to transfer our modified save to our console. This is not difficult in itself, just go to the “Manage saved application data” menu again.

Next, select “Backed up data to USB storage device” and “Copy to system storage”.

Next, choose the game whose save was modified and copy it to your home console’s hard drive.

Once the manipulation is done, you can restart the game to admire the changes as you can see in our before/after comparison visible below.

Before After

In addition to this basic function allowing us to modify the games already present in the database of the software, the latter offers us two significant options.

An expert mode allows us to have access to a hexadecimal editor in order to modify the data of our backup ourselves. It allows for example to refine the modifications in order to unlock certain trophies of the game. However, the latter will require some expertise and will therefore not be in everyone’s hands.

The second mode, Quick Mode wants to be more accessible for its part and allows us to cross a level of play where we are blocked for example. Just download a save from another player on the web and go to the tab “Re-Sign” and import it via the icon “Import”. Once done, just click on the option “Re-Sign” at the bottom of the software so that it transforms with your PSN ID in order to be read by your PlayStation 4. As shown in the information message, this manipulation can cause certain bugs and it is advisable not to throw away your backup original before being satisfied with the result.

As you will have understood, after paying a fairly substantial entry fee, we have access to a regularly updated database which benefits from additions made by all advanced mode enthusiasts. Currently, the software is compatible with the latest firmware of the PlayStation 4, and Sony does not seem to address the protection of its backups in its latest updates.

Despite its relatively high price, Save Wizard Max is easy to learn and very complete. It will therefore delight all players who wish to make life easier in certain extended RPGs or other single-player adventures available on PlayStation 4. Indeed, the multiplayer statistics being stored on the game publisher’s servers, Save Wizard Max does not allow online cheating.

For more information, visit the official Save Wizard MAX website.

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