Over time, it is common for some duplicate photos to accumulate on our iPhone. There are several reasons that can give to this situation and all have a solution, from using AirDrop in specific circumstances, to sending photos, to streaming photos. Let’s look at it in more detail.

Streaming photos, when sync occurs twice

When we talk about repeated photos, we have to distinguish between Similar photos, those in which we photographed the same scene several times, and duplicate photos, in that we have several identical copies of the same photo. For some and for others there are several apps that will help us tidy up, one of the best is Gemini Photos.

Once we’ve got the photo library in order, we don’t want the situation to repeat itself, right? We are exploring the causes of repeated photos appearing in the Photos app. For similar photos it’s simple, let’s just be careful to take one photo per scene or delete at the end of the day, for example if we are traveling, those that do not interest us. For duplicate photos, there can be several causes. One of the most common is that we send photos by AirDrop from one of our devices to another, a practice that I have seen a lot during my training, especially when the internet connection speed causes very slow synchronization. pictures. .

Another reason is that we can send photos through Messages or other messaging apps and distractedly then save them back to the photo library. But there are cases that attract more attention. There are times when after taking a photo, it appears duplicated on our device after a few seconds. And it’s not just a photo, but thousands. In this case there can only be one person responsible: the photos in Streaming.

Photo streaming is a feature that allows us to sync the last 1000 photos between our devices when they are connected to a Wi-Fi network. a technology that Apple introduced a few years ago, before the iCloud Photo Library was available. So what about duplicate photos? That we sync them twice.

If we have enabled iCloud Library and Photos in Streaming, the sync occurs in duplicate and the system creates two copies of the same item. Fortunately, the situation is easy to correct: turn off photos streaming. The steps are as follows:

  • We open the app Adjustments on our iPhone or iPad.
  • We entered Photos.
  • We check that Photos on iCloud is activated.
  • We deactivate My streaming photos.
  • If requested, we choose Remove from device.

Now the photos we take from our iPhone or iPad will only appear once in our photo library and albums and they will sync correctly across all of our devices.

How to edit photos in the Photos app on our iPhone or iPad

In my training, I have repeatedly seen some devices with duplicate photos in the photo library, with hundreds of duplicate photos, and the vast majority of times turning off Streaming Photos was the final solution.

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