How to Reach All Ends in Faith: The Unholy Trinity Chapter III

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How to Reach All Ends in Faith: The Unholy Trinity Chapter III

The third installment in Airdorf Games’ FAITH trilogy was released on October 21, 2022. Faith Chapter III follows a young priest tasked with ridding the world of its evil. Face various bosses, including that of the Unholy Trinity – the Mother, the Daughter and the Unholy Spirit. Stop the summoning of a powerful demon using your faith and your trusty crucifix. The notes help you on your journey to the dreaded unholy Sabbath day. This is a quick guide on how to get every FAITH ending and its variations in Faith Chapter III: The Unholy Trinity. Test your faith below.

Ending 1: A New Goal (NEUTRAL END)

There are two variations of the New Purpose ending, the criteria lists are as follows:

Good Neutral Ending:
  • Kill main bosses – hospital and hotel bosses.
  • Save Lisa from Alu.
  • In Nightmare 4 you MUST help Father Allred in the basement.
  • Fail to find and kill the 3 secret bosses – the mother, the daughter and the unholy spirit.
  • Defeat Gary Miller.
Neutral Bad Ending:
  • Fail to kill the two main bosses – Hospital and Hotel Boss (you don’t save Lisa)
  • In Nightmare 4, leave the house WITHOUT helping Father Allred.
  • Fail to find and kill the 3 secret bosses – the mother, the daughter and the unholy spirit.

Ending 2: A New Journey (GOOD END)

To reach the good ending, you must defeat all bosses, including all secret bosses:

  • Kill the boss of the hospital with the help of the policeman
  • Kill the secret hospital boss (The Mother) – return to the stretcher area through the door with broken wooden planks in front. Return to the stretcher, the words JOIN US will appear on the screen and you must stand still in the stretcher to unlock the secrets of the hospital. Head up to the operating room and you’ll see a new cutscene. After this cutscene, you will be in a new area where another cutscene will begin. Here you will meet Mother.
  • Exorcise Alu, the hotel boss who resides in Lisa
  • Kill The Rejected Vessel, Secret Boss at the Hotel (The Daughter, Tiffany) – find her by correctly playing the Elevator Game, a note you would have received from Elevator Friend. The order to play the elevator game is as follows, go in the elevator to the first floor and go to the floors – 4, 2, 6, 2, 10 and 5 (in that order). A woman will appear, DO NOT look at her, just return to the first floor via the elevator to get to the Otherworld. You will be approached by another woman, again DO NOT look at her, get out of the elevator and go down the runic hallway. This will take you to the rejected ship, Tiffany.
Primary school
  • Defeat the secret nursery boss, The Unholy Spirit – After collecting 2 purple stones, you will be chased by the Unholy Spirit, a giant floating head, into the secret area under the nursery. Make sure he doesn’t touch you or you’ll be sent to another area where you can’t use your crucifix. Keep your distance during this fight and use your crucifix against him. He has a large health pool, but he can be beaten so don’t give up! You have to beat him to get the good ending, so don’t go through the secret passage or you’ll miss your shot.

In the final room, the seal of the Crucible will be unlocked because you will have defeated all the secret bosses. Go through the entrance to the crucible WITHOUT exorcising the purple coffin. Defeat all the bosses to unlock the good ending.

There are two variations for this purpose depending on the choice you choose.

Option 1: Go with Lisa.

Option 2: Go with Father Garcia.

Ending 3: A New Ship (BAD END)

To get the bad ending, you NOT step into elementary school, but instead you go home. You will come to the secular Sabbath without fulfilling your duties as a priest. Alternatively, you can even skip the 3 days until Secular Sabbath to unlock this ending. Here you will be attacked by cultists in your living room. Take the key in the basement and hide from the cultists. Go to the locked crucifix covered room near your bedroom, you can unlock it now. Go inside to get the new ship’s ending.

This is how you get all 3 endings in the new Chapter III of FAITH. For more horror content, see: Top 10 Retro Horror Games You Must Play, Ranked

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