How to Repair Corrupted PDF Files Instantly?


How to Repair Corrupted PDF Files Instantly?

PDF is a frequently used file format that is equally popular among students and professionals. Whether they are assignments or financial statements, PDF is used everywhere these days because it does not disturb the actual layout of the document, regardless of the operating system you have.

One thing many PDF users are concerned about is that these documents can get corrupted easily. But you don’t need to worry, as this article is designed to familiarize you with three effective ways to repair PDF files in no time. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

Reasons for PDF Files Getting Corrupted

It is important to know why PDF files are corrupted or damaged. Here is a list of a few common reasons.

  • Inappropriate Software: PDF is a unique format that requires special tools to open it. Opening PDF documents with an unsuitable utility may lead to instant corruption.
  • Sudden Power Failure: Suppose you are transferring your PDF file to another device, and the power failure occurs all of a sudden. It can damage the files.
  • Malfunctioning Hard Disk: If your hard drive is full and does not have space to store more files, avoid storing your PDF documents on that disk. Otherwise, you may lose them.
  • Insufficient Internet Connectivity: If your internet connection fluctuates or gets disconnected while sharing PDF documents, you may have to experience the “file damage” problem.
  • Virus Attacks: They are unavoidable threats to PDF files and the whole data until you install and activate top-notch antivirus software on your device.

Best Way to Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Are you searching for an unmatchable and easy way to repair corrupted PDF files? There is nothing better than trying Wondershare Repairit. This tool supports all the latest versions of PDF documents.

In addition, it not only repairs the PDF text but also helps you restore hyperlinks, graphs, watermarks, headers, and footers. It does not matter how badly your PDF documents are corrupted; Repairit has the ability to fix them all.

Let’s now look at how you can use this software to repair corrupted PDF files and fix PDF not opening issue in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: The first step is nothing but downloading Repairit on your computer.

Step 2: Now, open the tool and hit the blue-colored “Repair” button you see on the main interface. It will allow you to load a corrupted PDF file from your system.


You can select multiple documents when loading them into the software. Once they are loaded, you will be able to see their details on the screen, as shown below.


Step 3: Tap on “Repair.” Doing this will enable Wondershare Repairit to start the PDF repair process.


Step 4: Once the repair process is finished, you can preview the repaired PDF document by clicking on the “Preview” button.


Step 5: If the PDF file you have seen in the preview version seems okay, tap on the “Save” button. There, provide a unique path and save the repaired PDF file on your system.


Wondershare Repairit – The Supported File Formats & Tech Specs

This section presents the different file formats you can repair with Repairit and what technical specifications it has.

Supported Formats

Apart from PDFs, Repairit also offers support for a huge selection of document file formats, including .XLTM, .PPTM, .DOCX, .POTX, .DOCM, .PPTX, .DOTM, .PPTM, .XLSX, and the list continues. In parallel to repairing these formats, you can also repair Adobe files efficiently with Wondershare Repairit.

Technical Specifications

To run Repairit on your computer, a minimum space of 700 MB is required. If you don’t have this much space on your device, you will not be able to benefit from this tool. It is compatible with Mac operating systems (from macOS 10.10 to macOS 13). At the same time, you can also run it on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Vista. Support for Windows Servers (from 2003 to 2022) is also available.

Other Ways to Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Are you still looking for ways to fix corrupted PDF documents? If yes, follow the methods listed below.

Method 1: Update the Software

If you are unable to open your PDF files, there is a higher chance that you are using an older version of a PDF opening tool like Adobe Acrobat Reader. To avoid facing file corruption issues, it is always better to keep your utilities up to date.

Method 2: Restore a Previous Version

Restoring the previous version of your PDF documents is another amazing and quick way to repair corrupted PDF files. All you need to do is to find the damaged PDF file on your computer, right-click on it, and tap on the “Restore previous versions” option. Once done, you will now be able to open your inaccessible PDF documents.

Method 3: Convert the PDF File

Still can’t open your PDF documents? Try extracting the information inside the file by converting it into Word format. Once you have done that, you can convert the Word document into a PDF file again. This is how you can protect the stuff present in your PDF files.

Final Words

PDF files getting corrupted is a common problem these days. Now you can fix this issue within a few minutes. If you are looking for a safe, trusted, and reliable utility to repair corrupted PDF files, Wondershare Repairit File Repair will be worth trying for sure. Moreover, the reasons that lead to corruption in PDF documents are also part of the above discussion. Give them a careful read.


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