When Nintendo released the expansion pack for Nintendo Switch Online, they promised that many games from the previous generation would be brought to this new level of NSO. Fast forward to April 2023, and with the plethora of games already included, they’ve added the classic Pokémon Stadium N64 to NSO. From battling with the original 151 Pokemon, to hanging out and playing mini-games, it’s all here. However, the layout of the N64 controller is very different from Nintendo’s current generation console. Since this game was basically ported to the Switch, the control prompts still show up for the games original console. Causing a lot of confusion for players as they try to navigate the game blind. Fear not Pokemon trainers, we’re going to find out how to use Pokemon Stadium controls for Nintendo Switch.

How to Use Controls in Pokémon Stadium for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo 64’s controller layout is a bit foreign by today’s standards. Comparing it to the Switch joystick or pro controller, you might notice a lot less buttons on the Switch. Who knows why Nintendo decided to include a joystick in the middle of the controller. But now, it’s up to us to decode this enigma to be able to fight with other trainers. Even though Nintendo includes a digital user guide for its N64 games, it seems the guide for Pokémon Stadium isn’t quite right. Fortunately, not all controls are incorrect.

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Buttons A and B on your Switch controller always correspond to the respective buttons in the game. Like these buttons, your R and L triggers should also work fine in game. Where it starts to fall apart is when the game wants you to use the N64 yellow directional buttons. Obviously, there are no yellow buttons like that for the Switch, but all hope is not lost. You will be able use switch right stick for all pokemon stadium yellow directional buttons. For example, if you are trying to add a Charmander to your active lineup and need to press the right yellow arrow, move the right stick to the right. Now it’s up to you to take on your enemy in the arena and hope that the button layout is most of your worry.

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