Since our first preview of the game that you will find here, water has flowed under the bridges, and early access has been set up by the Studio Larian with the first chapter of the game in its entirety… or almost. Even if this preview will be shorter, it is our duty to give you an update on the evolution of the game a few weeks before its release.

Pick up your teeth kid

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, Divinity was already noticed at the time for its return to the roots of the genre, with diversified, demanding and very accomplished gameplay. They clearly haven’t been idle here. Dropped from the start on an unknown island, without knowing what we are doing there, nor how we got there, there, we will have to move forward to discover everything that is hidden behind this mysterious place.

This second part once again sets the bar very high, the game does not take you by the hand at all, on the contrary, it’s like being let loose in the Australian outback naked, with a toothpick and a cyanide pill.

Here no assistance, no GPS, no wallhack or any other gadget popularized by current games. No, we have to use our brains, find strategies, and pray that it works. To top it all off, the game is tough and unforgiving if you make too many errors in judgment. In short, it imposes a level that we would like to see much more often in the genre.
Of course it’s not just a bunch of challenges, each harder than the last, it will also invite you to explore, talk and reason. The writing is really accomplished, we take real pleasure in discovering new places, which themselves have their own history and unique characters. At any time we can discover something surprising or exciting.

But with all this, we must not forget a major element of the game, the team. Because as you discover more, you will meet companions who will be of great help to you. Whether in the development of combat strategy or for their own skills.

The writing is truly accomplished

But it is in cooperation mode that the companions stand out brilliantly, because each player participates in the story : they can give their opinion during a dialogue with an NPC, influence decisions, go their separate ways or simply play tricks on their comrades by having them arrested for theft. Despite everything, we strongly recommend that you play with friends, because unfortunately, complete strangers spend more time trying to make a mess than playing the game. Something that tends to ruin the immersion a bit.

We can say that Larian Studio did not skimp on means. The whole thing fits together almost perfectly, the game is completely playable solo, and very enjoyable to discover, but cooperation transcends gender altogetherbecause everything is well constructed and controlled.

As for the body of the game itself, one of the downsides is the PVP mode, which still remains a little messy and lacks diversity in the modes, we hope to see more at this level. Added to this is the early access debacle, with a version that is not always stable and optimized, even if the game remains fluid, it was not rare to see slowdowns and a few bugs here and there.

That said, we blame all these defects on this premature version of the game, and we bet that the final version will erase all these defects.

What is the destiny of Omoroca?

After this dubious reference (we’ll leave it up to you to find out where it comes from), we’re going to look at the story. As we said at the beginning, we have access to the first chapter of the game, but certain parts of the title are “blocked” voluntarily to avoid spoilers on the internet, but also to keep some mystery.

We therefore have the leisure here to discover, during approximately 10 to 12 hours of play, the means of escaping from this hell.. We meet a lot of people there, and we even become attached to certain characters, sometimes even the most curious. But we won’t go into more detail about the story, because each discovery is a blessing for the pleasure of the game.

Everything in the game is about choice and thinking

What is interesting, however, is the way in which we can interact and influence the world around us, few games really achieve this (and the best example of success at this level comes from the CDProject studio…). But again everything is done in a “logical” way. For example, we can, at a bend in the road, kill a man, and later discover that his friend is looking for him and will try to avenge his death; or pass quietly among the monsters without being attacked, just by interacting intelligently at the right time.

Everything in the game is a matter of choice and thinking, because it will regularly give you food for thought, whether riddles, puzzles, or strategies. Narratively speaking, the game teaches a lesson to many triple-A titles of the genre.

The world of Divinity is an immense enigma and it is our destiny to elucidate it.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 has already established itself as a reference of the genre, we just ask to discover the rest of the adventure and the mysteries which surround this world trapped in chaos. With artistic direction mastered from start to finish and a narrative that is perfectly gripping, Larian Studio delivers a game that makes us want to explore. Even with the intrinsic flaws of early access, we want more, and the cooperation is a real success as long as we can play with friends.

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