Crytek’s next game released a gameplay video two months ago as well as an early access announcement.

Hunt: Showdown is talking about him again this time to announce thatit will allow some players to participate in its first closed alpha phase next January.

The game looks like a horrifying FPS with the originality of being PvPvE orientedie player against player but also against the environment.

In concrete terms, each mission will start with a maximum of five teams of two players which will all have the same objective, and the first to fill it will become the target of the remaining ones.

Furthermore, death will be permanent so you won’t be able to keep your equipment if you accidentally die. But the “Bloodline” system will allow you to transfer your experience to another hunter which, if it survives, will allow you to keep it and use it at the end of the mission.

Another game mechanic, the “Dark Sight” will be there. It will allow you to highlight and lead you to the monsters to eliminate but also the players carrying a bounty, thus making them more vulnerable to an ambush.

If you want to have the chance to be part of the Alpha version testers, you have to go to this address to register and monitor your mailbox.

Hunt: Showdown is expected to be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC at an unknown date.

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