A holidaymaker has claimed to have spotted the elusive Loch Ness monster ahead of one of the biggest hunts ever to hunt down the famous beast this weekend.

Steve Valentine, 44, was stunned when he saw a ‘black shape’ floating above the water as he and his family returned to the dock on a boat trip.

The captain of the boat has advised the father, from Urmston, Greater Manchester, to record what he considers an official sighting – the fourth this year.

Mr Valentine, who had visited the Loch Ness Center with his wife Maria and their children before the cruise, told The Sun: “There was nothing else on the surface of the water. All of a sudden, I saw this black shape. It was a bit further, about 200 yards, near Urquhart Castle.

He said he felt he had to take a picture of the black shape which he said resembled “the bump of the body and the back of the head”.

Steve Valentine, 44, was stunned when he saw a ‘black shape’ floating above the water as he and his family returned to the dock on a boat trip.

Mr Valentine was on board the Deepscan vessel (pictured) which can take up to 12 people on the water to learn more about Nessie

Hunter Nessie, who was on board the Deepscan vessel which can take up to 12 people on the water to learn more about the beast, added: “I showed the driver the photo and he was quite surprised . I’m pretty open minded and was really shocked.

It comes as Nessie enthusiasts prepare for the biggest hunt in 50 years to find the Lock Ness monster this weekend.

The Loch Ness Center and Loch Ness Exploration, an independent research team, will scour the waters for the beast using drones equipped with infrared cameras and underwater detectors in the largest search since that the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau surveyed the loch in 1972.

Over the weekend, members of the public will be asked to keep a close eye on the loch for breaks in the water, movement or even sightings of its most famous inhabitant. Cameras have been installed along the coasts, allowing people from all over the world to participate.

Meanwhile, drones using infrared cameras will capture thermal images underwater and a hydrophone will be used to detect acoustic signals below the surface.

Paul Nixon, Managing Director of the Loch Ness Centre, said: “The interest generated by our weekend of activities has been fantastic and we have seen how people around the world are still fascinated by the history of the Loch and Nessie.

Sturgeon Photograph: For 60 years, this famous photograph of a long-necked creature helped keep the legend of the Loch Ness Monster afloat.

The biggest hunt to finally find the Lock Ness Monster is set to begin this weekend, with Nessie enthusiasts around the world set to have their eyes on the infamous loch.

“We want anyone in the world to be able to help us out, so we’re looking for aspiring monster hunters from anywhere to tune into the Loch live stream over the weekend and see if they spot something mysterious.

“We can’t wait to see what we find.”

There have been four sightings so far this year, with a photo of a little girl portraying the elusive beast considered the best photo in years.

Charlotte Robinson was staying at Loch Ness Highland Lodges in Invermoriston Nack in 2018 when something appeared in the water 50ft from shore.

Grabbing her camera, Charlotte was able to take a photo of a drop in the water which apparently surfaced for a minute before disappearing again, reports the Mirror.

Charlotte was on holiday with her parents Kat and Dave when the incident happened around 7pm one evening.

Describing the moment she came face to face with “Nessie,” Charlotte explained that she knew there was “something” out there.

She said: “There was something in the water about 50 feet from shore. I took a picture. It had a hook-shaped neck and head.

“I just took what I saw. It was black – I just don’t know how far it was out of the water. I’m not good at judging distances.

“But after about a minute it disappeared, then reappeared in another location. It was less than a minute the second time.

Charlotte Robinson at Loch Ness where she took a photo of what she thinks is the Loch Ness Monster

The grainy image appears to show an object emerging from gray water

Over the years there have been thousands of sightings of ‘Nessie’ at Loch Ness.

“I believed in Nessie, but I wanted to see the proof. I always imagined her with a long neck and fins. I saw something but I don’t know what.

The photograph has been enthusiastically received by Nessie’s viewing community, including longtime loch hermit Steve Feltham, who has spent the past 27 years observing the water.

Mr Feltham, 55, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous Loch Ness Monster-hunting vigil, said: “I am absolutely thrilled with this photograph – it is the best of ‘Nessie’ since years.

“There is clearly a solid object inside and it is relatively clear. This deserves further study. There may be a trivial explanation, like the presence of a seal, but I haven’t heard of any seals in the loch this year.

“For my money, he’s bigger than a seal or an otter. This is a fantastic photo of Charlotte.

Charlotte’s photo drew parallels with the “Surgeon’s Photo”, an infamous photo of Nessie that ultimately turned out to be a hoax.

In 1934, the Daily Mail published a photo of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson of what appeared to be a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster.

For For 60 years, this famous photograph of a long-necked creature helped keep the legend of the Loch Ness Monster afloat.

It became known as the “Surgeon’s Photograph”, as Lt. Wilson was a Harley Street gynecologist.

However, this photograph was actually of a modified toy submarine.

It is now claimed that he was part of a plot to perpetuate the myth of the monster, which had started as a joke.

A holidaymaker took incredible photos of what looks like the Loch Ness Monster from the hotel he was staying a mile away.

Hundreds of Nessie enthusiasts are gearing up to take part in the biggest organized hunt for the mysterious creature in 50 years.

A general view of Loch Ness where drones equipped with infrared cameras and underwater detectors will be used to try to find the elusive monster.

Goods for sale in a shop next to Loch Ness ahead of what is described as the biggest search for the Loch Ness Monster since the early 1970s

A sighting on June 15 was photographed by a French tourist Etienne Camel, who stated that he and his wife Eliane I witnessed a dark shape 15 to 20 meters (49ft to 65ft) long on the surface of the loch.

“It was quite strange, I’m a scientist so I never believed the Loch Ness Monster was a prehistoric animal,” he said. “But when I was taking a picture, I saw this very long shadow. I called my wife and we saw the shadow move.

“It was 15 to 20 meters long and was about 150 meters away. It was quite strange and then it disappeared.

In April, John Payne, 55, a father of three, was admiring the scenery from a window at Foyers Roost guest house in Inverness, next to Loch Ness, when he noticed strange movement on the loch.

He took a photo of the scene, describing what he saw as “huge”.

“It must have been something very big because we were about a mile and a half from the loch and I could see it clearly,” he said.

“You couldn’t have seen a bird or anything from that far away – it had to be something big. It was like a huge neck.

“At first I thought it was a giant fin, but I know there are no dolphins or porpoises in the loch so I was wondering what that thing was.

The first written mention of a Loch Ness monster appeared in a 7th century biography, according to Britannica.

“It wasn’t like he was attached to anything, like a buoy, because he kept moving away. »

Rumors of a strange creature living in the waters of Loch Ness have abounded over the decades, but little evidence has been found to support these claims.

The first sighting of the monster is said to have been made in 565 AD by Irish missionary St Columba when he encountered a giant beast in the River Ness.

An online registry lists over 1,000 total sightings of Nessie, created by Mr Campbell, the man behind the official Loch Ness Monsters fan club and is available at www.lochnesssightings.com.

Many witnesses to Nessie have mentioned large crocodile-like scales atop the creature’s spine, leading some to believe that a runaway amphibian may be to blame.

Native sturgeons can also weigh several hundred pounds and have ridged backs, giving them an almost reptilian appearance.

Some believe that Nessie is a long-necked plesiosaur – like an elasmosaur – that somehow survived when all the other dinosaurs were wiped out.

Others say the sightings are due to Scottish pines dying and collapsing in the loch, before quickly becoming waterlogged and sinking.

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