“I will continue to fight until I obtain a review of the trial”


“I will continue to fight until I obtain a review of the trial”

Dany Leprince denounces, Monday November 27 on franceinfo, the attitude of certain ” investigators ” And “of the investigating judge” WHO “tried to tinker with history in their own way”. The man who claims his innocence is still accused of a quadruple murder committed in Sarthe in Thorigny-sur-Dué in 1994. His brother, his sister-in-law and two of their daughters were found dead on the evening of September 5 1994. .

Dany Leprince was found guilty after confessing, then he recanted. Sentenced to life imprisonment with a security period of 22 years in 1997 for the quadruple murder, he was granted conditional release in 2012. Since last year, Dany Leprince is no longer under judicial control and now has the right to speak out on this issue. “I will continue to fight until I obtain a review of the trial”he declared during the broadcast of a documentary on Wednesday on W9 entitled: I’m not a murderer, by Bernard Nicolas and Jérôme Korkikian. This film is a return to this fight to have his innocence recognized, to the failures of the investigation, the inconsistencies, the unexplored avenues.

franceinfo: Why are you still speaking out today?

Dany Leprince: Quite simply because I am not the author of the facts and I will continue to fight until I obtain a review of the trial.

Do you still have any hope of being exonerated?

It’s not just a hope, we will achieve it. I don’t know how soon. If I lead this fight, it is to be exonerated and so that the murderers of my family are unmasked.

This documentary looks at the facts at length: after the discovery of this helicopter massacre at your brother’s house, who was your neighbor, in your village of Thorigny-sur-Dué in 1994, you were accused by your own wife of era. and your daughter who says see you with a gun in your hand. Pushed to the limit by the investigators in the last hours of your police custody, you confess twice in 24 hours. Then you step back. Are you saying you’re tipping over and that’s the trap?

In 1994, the confessions were practically proof, even though there was no physical evidence to support them. She was the queen of proof. What I experienced in 1994, I could not experience today because police custody is filmed. At the end of my custody, they (the investigators) made a girl scream in a neighboring room and they told me that it was my daughter. In fact, they had made a female gendarme cry to make her appear to be my daughter, I found out later and obviously, it was too late.

This admission, in the circumstances you describe, overwhelms everything else. Did this stop us from exploring other avenues?

Afterwards, it’s over. This is the justice of the time. They (the investigators) started in their minds with the assumption that the acts could only be committed by a man. I am a model. I measure what I measure, but I can’t do anything about it. They never thought it could be a woman.

Are you convinced that your wife, who is your accuser, played a role in this massacre?

Normally, she should have been indicted at least for failure to assist a person in danger, but the investigating judge was certainly her best lawyer. My wife and daughter’s statements change because they are based on coerced confessions and they will always, constantly, adjust to try to make them match. But it’s not that simple because the events didn’t take place at 9:30 p.m. They happened before I arrived.

There is a very strong moment in this documentary, the only one where we can no longer find words: it is the one where we say, after years, that we have the feeling of being listened to by a magistrate, the president of the Court of Revision. What is going on in your head at this precise moment?

She’s a special magistrate, an old-fashioned magistrate who has a lot of experience and who in the end… I’m a little taken aback, because I always used to get hit on when I went to see a judge .. (…) And there, I come across a magistrate who takes the time to listen to me and who instead of asking me questions, asks me for my opinion. It’s a little disturbing, in some ways. It’s something very simple…

This is the first time you think there might be a judge who believes you might be innocent.

She believed it since she got me out (of prison) before the decision of the criminal chamber, so I was absent for nine months (in July 2010). Unfortunately, I was reincarcerated because the request for review was rejected (in April 2011). There is hope, but we must remain cautious. The magistrate was very disappointed that the review trial did not take place.

Then, in 2012, you were released conditionally, under judicial supervision. You were forbidden from discussing this matter and had to remain silent for years. How did you experience this obligation to remain silent?

I start from the principle that, even if it is not always pleasant to respect the court decisions that are rendered, we have no choice. Because if I don’t respect this judicial control, they will reincarcerate me. I don’t blame anyone even if, in the book (They stole my life), I say that there are people who were beneath everything and who tried to tinker with the story in their own way, investigators, the investigating judge who had in her office a young auditor of justice who It was only a child that my ex (wife) had kept in his youth.

How are you today ?

I’m fine, I live a normal life. Obviously, when I go to see my lawyer, it is to talk about the file, but we are not taken up by the file every day when we get up in the morning. We are obliged to trust in justice to the extent that it is the magistrates who will decide my fate. We are obliged to trust in justice, but we must remain vigilant.

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“I will continue to fight until I obtain a review of the trial” - 1

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