Like Annecy and Saint-Malo, the mayor of Saint-Denis wants “more rules” to better regulate the rental of tourist accommodation but sees in the Olympic and Paralympic Games “an exceptional opportunity to build up additional income”.

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“If the Dionysians can take advantage of it” of the increase in tourist accommodation prices during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ” this is a good thing “estimates Mathieu Hanotin, socialist mayor of Saint-Denis, in Seine-Saint-Denis, on franceinfo Tuesday August 15. “Obviously there is going to be a huge increase in price and demand around the Olympics and Paralympics.“, recognizes the chosen one. ” We take advantage of an exceptional opportunity, such as the Olympic Games, to build up additional income.

>> Housing crisis: how tourist cities are trying to regulate the rise in seasonal rentals

“The problem is when there is a diversion of use, when accommodation should be accommodation, but becomes 100% of the time of the year furnished tourist accommodation”, explains Mathieu Hanotin. It is particularly concerned about the situation of new housing which “People only buy to rent furnished tourist accommodation”.

The Olympics are an “opportunity factor”

Like Annecy and Saint-Malo, the mayor of Saint-Denis wants “more rules » to better control the rental of furnished tourist accommodation. ” We are in the process of building a control response, but which is quite cumbersome to put in place and cannot be invented overnight”, confides SamaGameted socialist for whom this regulation must be “disconnected from the question of the Games Olympics and Paralympics ». According to him, “The Olympic Games are a factor of opportunity for citizens, provided that it does not turn into a scam for tourists either”.

The city of Saint-Denis has entered into a partnership with Paris 2024, extended to France 2023 for the Rugby World Cup, to fight against prostitution. “Thanks to Paris 2024, we have been able to finance an action to prevent prostitution during major international sporting events.“, explains Mathieu Hanotin. “wishes, on the occasion of the Olympic Games, to join forces with Airbnb so that there is prevention directly in the apartments, because we know that hotels and Airbnbs are also a strong vector of prostitution on the occasion of international sporting events”.

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