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A few days before the start of the World Cup, the Lille convert to the oval ball. In the rugby clubs of the North, this competition is eagerly awaited.

Theregrand placefrom Lille(North)in the colors of the oval.Since Monday, September 4, we have been hoisting the blues for the World Cup.On these football fields, we are also interested in the balloval. “The World Cup is unstoppable.We do not support Lille or Lens.We support the France team, so we will watch. »In stores, rugby is gradually invading the windows.Lille hosts five World Cup matches, which are well worth a few decorations.

Popularize rugby in the north

In amateur clubs, everyone is in the starters.A global achievement will necessarily highlight a discipline less widespread in the North.Laura DiMuzioformer international player and stadium presidentVilleneuvoisensures: “It’s a chance, because we are going to give visibility to this sport in full development. » A budding player believes that “it’s quite exciting”.The first meeting at the Grand Stade will be on September 14 for a matchFrance-Uruguay.

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