In Mali, end of the UN mission after ten years of presence

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In Mali, end of the UN mission after ten years of presence

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (Minusma) officially ended on Monday, December 11, ten years of deployment in this country prey to jihadism and a deep crisis after being pushed out by the junta in power, noted Agence France correspondents. -Press (AFP).

Minusma lowered the United Nations flag at its headquarters near the airport in the capital Bamako, its spokesperson Fatoumata Kaba also told AFP. The ceremony underway Monday morning symbolically marks the end of the mission, even if some of its elements are still on site, she said.

The closure ends a commitment begun in 2013 in the face of the spread of violence which threatened the stability of the state, poor and fragile. Since then, they have spread to the center of the country and to the Sahelian neighbors of Burkina Faso and Niger, thousands of civilians and combatants have died and millions of people have been displaced.

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With more than 180 members killed in hostile acts perpetrated mainly by armed groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State organization, Minusma is the hardest-hit UN peace mission in recent years. Its strength was approximately 15,000 soldiers and police from a multitude of countries.

Despite human losses and a considerable financial commitment, Minusma was the subject of strong criticism from some Malians, who denounced its inability to stem the crisis.

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Le Monde with AFP

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