in Nouméa, between inflation, retirement and climate, the long-awaited visit of Emmanuel Macron

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in Nouméa, between inflation, retirement and climate, the long-awaited visit of Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic begins a five-day trip to Oceania. And in Nouméa, the first stage of his journey, anger is brewing, whether it’s inflation or pensions.

Emmanuel Macron on the move in France… but on the other side of the world! It is from New Caledonia that the Head of State will speak on the 1 p.m. newscast on France 2 and TF1 on Monday July 24, a few days after a larger than expected reshuffle and after the end of what the President himself presented as “100 Days of Peace”.

>> Global warming, influence of China, status of New Caledonia… The challenges of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Oceania

New Caledonia is in fact only the first stage of a five-day presidential trip to Oceania, which will continue in Vanuatu and then in Papua New Guinea. A travel “historical”, assures the Elysée, but which does not necessarily look calm either. Because if 16,000 km and nine hours of time difference separate Paris and Noumea, the anger of the French is the same there as in France.

“It’s starting to get too expensivelaunch a man. It goes up, it goes up, it goes up, but it no longer goes down. » Purchasing power and inflation are on everyone’s mind, and that’s not the only concern. Climate change also comes up in the discussions.

“We are afraid that our island will end up soaking in water. »

A resident of Noumea

at franceinfo

And then, between the stalls of this Nouméa market, another file is still invited into the discussions: “64 years is too long!loose a lady, who opposes the pension reform. With illnesses and all that, I don’t know if young people will make it to 50. »

A “compromise to be found”

Behind its dream setting, New Caledonia also hides very serious wounds, issues specific to this territory and on which the Head of State will also be expected. First, there is this deep feeling of being downgraded and forgotten. “Me personally, I don’t expect anything from it, but everyone is happy to see the highest head of state, it’s so rare”, loose Eddy. And there is also the status of the island. Because if the Caledoniers have rejected independence three times, the referendums have divided the population, he says.

“Even if Caledonia came out with a majority for France, there are separatists, so we have to find a compromise. The role of the president is to be a unifier. He is the president of all the French. »

Eddy, a resident of Noumea

at franceinfo

The main issue for Emmanuel Macron is perhaps ultimately this obligation: to reconnect with these French people who live on the other side of the world.

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