In Romans-sur-Isère, these ultra-right activists who say they are “ready for war”


In Romans-sur-Isère, these ultra-right activists who say they are “ready for war”
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More than a week after the death of Thomas in Crépol, in the Drôme, the ultra-right organized several demonstrations of force, Saturday and Sunday in Romans-sur-Isère, notably triggering clashes with young people from the Monnaie district.

Published on 11/27/2023 08:35

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In Romans-sur-Isère, these ultra-right activists who say they are “ready for war” - 1

The death of Thomas, killed by a stab wound in Crépol, on the night of Saturday November 18 to Sunday November 19, still causes, more than a week later, worrying tremors in the Drôme. The town of Romans-sur-Isère experienced a tense weekend of November 25 and 26 with the arrival of dozens of ultra-right activists who triggered a wave of violence, particularly against the police.

The French ultra-right first arranged to meet its activists on Saturday, November 25, in the Monnaie district of Romans-sur-Isère, where some of Thomas’ attackers are believed to have come from. A completely unprecedented national appeal was launched Thursday, November 23 on social networks and on the Telegram loops of the far-right movement.

Under the slogan “Justice for Thomas, neither forgotten nor forgiven”, This call to march on the Monnaie district would have been initiated, the investigation remains to be confirmed, by the members of a small group called “Division Martel”, a core of very young Parisian neo-___s close to the GUD, another far -Good organisation. Activists from other groups known to the police responded, according to the first elements of the investigation carried out by the Valencia public prosecutor’s office.

Iron bars and baseball bats

Nearly 80 of these people from all over the country met around 6 p.m., Saturday November 25, at the entrance to the Monnaie district of Romans-sur-Isère, to pay their respects in complete peace. to Thomas, but for a punitive expedition. A form of “ratonnade” against young people of Arab origin in the neighborhood where, according to our information, three of the nine indicted in Thomas’ death live.

Armed with baseball bats, iron bars, brass knuckles, these far-right activists first found on their route the CRS 83, an anti-riot company which had been positioned in the afternoon to contain the violence. Five police officers were also injured by mortar and stone fire. Secondly, it is the young people of the neighborhood who attack the far-right activists. One of them, from Mayenne, was almost lynched. He is still hospitalized, but out of danger.

The ultra-right demonstrated again on Sunday in Romans-sur-Isère. There were a few arrests, but the violence was contained by the police. In total, during this chaotic weekend in this Drôme commune, there were 24 arrests mainly in the ranks of the ultra-right. Most of them, aged 20 to 25, will be tried immediately in Valencia in the coming days.


➡️ 7 arrests made by @PoliceNat_26 and the CRS. 3 ultra-right activists and 4 young Romanians from the Monnaie district. All carrying weapons or weapons by destination, they were placed in police custody.
➡️ 24 police custody since yesterday 6:00 p.m.

— Prefect of Drôme ???? (@Prefet26) November 26, 2023

“Without violence, there is no change, » said Sunday, November 26, an activist met by France Bleu Drôme Ardèche in Romans-sur-Isère. It’s sad, it’s something we share with the left, with everyone. Everyone agrees that the only way to change things will be violence. Be ready for war, there is no other way out. »

Behind the threat of future violence, there is a risk of contagion. Saturday November 25 in Paris, 13 people, including seven members of the far-right S, were arrested in flagrante delicto for swastika labels. According to a police source, this act is not anti-Semitic, but a tribute to the ultras of Romans-sur-Isère.

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In Romans-sur-Isère, these ultra-right activists who say they are “ready for war” - 3

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