After the urban violence that followed the death of Nahel, killed by a police officer at the end of June in Nanterre, damage was recorded in Blanc-Mesnil in Seine-Saint-Denis. To “repair the damage”, the mayor of the town explains that he wants to save money. He has decided not to install an urban beach this summer.

The urban beach of Blanc-Mesnil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, evokes many memories for Yanni, six years old. “Everyone was on the beach, there was the swimming pool. I was diving in it, it was so good”, he recalls. Yet this year, the little boy, sitting at the foot of the barriers fixed with adhesive tape that encircle the white sand, will not be able to enjoy it. The inhabitants of Blanc-Mesnil are deprived of a beach, and this follows the riots which broke out at the end of June-beginning of July, after the death of Nahel, this 17-year-old young man killed by a policeman, in Nanterre.

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The mayor of this commune of Seine-Saint-Denis has decided to cancel the development, which was in progress, of the urban beach “Plage Mesnil”. It refreshed the inhabitants every summer for almost ten years. By cancelling, the chosen one wishes to save money for, he says, “to repair the damage caused by the rioters”. Despite everything, on the spot, many families who do not have the means to go on vacation feel punished.

Yanni’s aunt, for example, Clarisse would also have liked to enjoy the beach. “It’s not just a shame for the children, but for the adults as well. We too would have liked to swim. We wanted the children to benefit from it, especially for those, like us, who cannot afford it”, she thinks. Mamadou is a social worker in Blanc-Mesnil and for him, this decision to cancel the urban beach this summer because of the riots is incomprehensible. ” I think we punish parents and children,” he said. It’s not very democratic. Personally, I can’t find the link.

“It would have been better to identify the rioters. It’s up to them to fix their mistakes, even if it means making them work all summer, rather than punishing those who haven’t done anything. »

Mamadou, social worker at Blanc-Mesnil

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Outings maintained for around fifty young people

The decision causes an outcry, including among residents who do not usually frequent this urban beach, like two retirees, met by franceinfo, who see it above all as a punishment: “I understand that there has been a lot of destruction, fires… It’s shameful, but I don’t understand why we deprive the population and the children who don’t go on vacation. There are many families who do not go on vacation. to have lots of money and it is a joy for them to come here. They are really waiting for it”.

Contacted, the town hall did not wish to speak. Outings to Parc Astérix or to a leisure center, organized by the municipality, are still maintained this summer for around fifty young people.

The inhabitants of Blanc-Mesnil deprived of an urban beach this summer – the report by Louison Leroy


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