Israeli Prime Minister Binjanim Netanyahu has said his country is considering deporting around 1,000 Eritreans who took part in the riots that left dozens injured in Tel Aviv, including Israeli police.

On September 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Eritrean migrants who participated in violent riots in Tel Aviv the day before had crossed a “red line”.

Violent clashes erupted on September 2 when a protest against an event organized by the Eritrean government escalated, injuring nearly 140 people, including a dozen Eritrean asylum seekers who were hit by live ammunition from the Israeli police.

But protesters clashed with police who “fired live ammunition against the rioters”, police said in a statement, adding that at least 49 of their members were injured.

“We asked for rapid measures”

“In the special ministerial committee that I have established today, we have called for swift action, including the expulsion of a thousand supporters of the (Eritrean) regime who took part in these riots,” he said. Netanyahu said in a statement. A declaration. “They obviously cannot claim to be refugees. They support this (Eritrean) regime. If they support him so much, they will be able to return to their country,” he added.

While Eritrean police and protesters clashed at the rally site, clashes between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean regime also took place in another area of ​​Tel Aviv.

According to June statistics, 17,850 Eritrean asylum seekers are in Israel. Most arrived illegally via Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula several years ago and settled in poor neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.

They left their country ruled with an iron fist by President Isaias Afwerki, since his official declaration of independence obtained in 1993 after thirty years of war with Ethiopia.

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