Let’s start first by talking about the mode Ultimate TEAM with some good news. If you are used to the license, you are aware that it was difficult to increase the specific cards of certain players In NFL 18.

Electronic Arts however wanted to make it simpler. Consequently, the system of Tokens and sets to be completed has been removed and replaced by Trainings. To earn these Trainings, you will have to sell cards that you do not need. You will even have the possibility of visualize the different statistics of the player and make them evolve afterwards.

The mode Solo Battle breaks it down as follows. Each week, 13 matches to play against the CPU will be available. From there, you will have to achieve the highest score possible during these matches. Be careful though, because you can only play them once. The difficulty of each of them will vary. Also be aware that 14 types of rewards will be available in this mode. With a bit of luck, your team might even be chosen to be one of the 13 teams to beat in the Solo Battles.

The mode Squad Challenge will of course be back and you can continue to play with your friends, in 3 versus 3 games. The small novelty of this mode is that you can now take on the CPU through challengeswhich will appear throughout the year.

New positions have even been added, to make the title even more realistic:

  • Rush Right/Left Defensive End
  • Rush Defensive Tackle
  • Slot Cornerback
  • Sub Linebacker
  • Power Half Back
  • Slot Wide Receiver

Finally, navigation in the menus has been reworked, everything is more fluid and visually more beautiful.

The release of the game has been stalled at August 10 next in the United States, on computer And PS4. The edition hall of famewill be released a little earlier, the August 7.

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