The editorial team had the opportunity to meet Alexis “Ayziq” Lefebvrereigning French champion FIFA 15during a tournament organized by the Auchan store in Bar-Le-Duc, in the North-East of France.
The atmosphere was great, with many contenders to face the champion in a good mood. It was between two games that we were able to meet him and ask him a few questions.

Hello Alexis, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, my name is Lefebvre Alexis, I am 19 years old and I live in Dunkirk in the 59. I am a student in BTS electrical engineering and a professional FIFA player.

What is your background on FIFA?

I started with FIFA 99 on PS1, I was 4 years old, football games started there. I’ve also always played football in real life, which is what led me to play the game on console. In 2013, on FIFA 13, I saw that there were tournaments via the internet on the site. I came across the coach of Bruce Grannek, a very well-known player in the FIFA community. So I asked to play a match against him so that he could tell me what I was worth because at the time I played against anyone, I didn’t know the professional world at all. After that, he invited me to a Facebook group and it all went from there. 6 months later he contacted me to join aAa (Against All Authority). I have been there for over a year and a half now. Training is done via a specialized site and we play against the best players in the world. I play and train three hours a day, but I still go out on weekends, I have a social life apart from FIFA. I do around ten tournaments a year. Only one is organized by EA. Recently, I did the European Championships in London.
Regarding my record, I am an official French FIFA 15 champion, organized by EA Sports FC. I also won the EGO in Belgium and the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, the biggest multigaming tournament in France. And I finished 5th at the European Championship.

Your opinion on FIFA 16?

I find that the game is less casual. It is less for those who are starting out. Long-time players will win more easily. The new one who wants to start will be lost. On FIFA 15 everything was too random. Here on FIFA 16, the game is slower than the previous year, so we can build better. It’s less random when we play matches.
Regarding the women’s teams, I think this is a useful addition. Women’s football in reality is being watched more and more, so for me it makes sense to see it in FIFA, it’s a plus for those who play with friends outside of classic online.

Why FIFA and not PES?

FIFA is currently the best simulation game for me. PES has been lagging behind for 4-5 years in terms of gameplay. I always played on PES because it was the best at the time but I stopped after PES 6 and, like many, I switched to FIFA.

Your future in e-sport?

It’s sustainable at the moment, I’ve played the entire world community, so I pretty much know what I’m worth. I can do some performances but maybe not to the point of winning the world championship. As long as I perform well I will stay in the industry. I know it will be for a limited time, I don’t plan to make a living from it, but as long as it lasts I’ll continue. Being a student, it helps me pay for the car and satisfy my passion.

Do you play other games?

Yes, Counter Strike, League of Legend, Call of Duty… I’m multigaming, I play all the games but not solo, only multiplayer.

The final word ?

I thank my aAa team and my sponsors. Thanks to the SamaGame site for the interview and to the members.

The editorial staff would like to thank Mr. Chabbert Julien’s team for the welcome they showed and without which the interview would not have been possible.

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