The iPhone 15 Pro, unveiled during Apple’s annual event, is disassembled in video before its official release.

L’iPhone 15 Pro, presented at Apple’s fall event, attracted the interest of many enthusiasts. PBKreviews, a YouTube channel, obtained a model and took it apart on video, following a now well-established tradition. The video shows in detail the interior of the mobile, as designed by Apple, before reassembling it piece by piece.

Already a teardown of the iPhone 15 Pro!

— 01net (@01net) September 22, 2023

This video could help those who want to disassemble their mobile. However, given Apple’s controversial tactics regarding self-repairs, caution is warranted. For many, these videos will remain above all entertainment.

The results of the teardown give the iPhone 15 a repairability rating of 7 out of 10. While this rating isn’t bad, it reflects difficulties with Apple’s policies, including associating specific parts with each device and errors iOS throws when using unauthorized parts.

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